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Written by Ellen Gurley


Stash Pad Stash Pad Stash Pad

Corrie Throckmorton and Heather Lamparter have recently opened doors to the Stash Pad in the heart of Plaza-Midwood.  They put the icing on the cake with a grand opening party including a string quartet doing all David Bowie songs while surrounded by their friends and family.  These people have been with them every step of the way. Corrie’s boyfriend, Jason, threw up dressing rooms.  Longtime bandmate of Corrie’s and well-known interior designer, Scott Weaver, fancied up the place, with silent partner, Kelly Call's boyfriend Chanselor “Chance” Jones collaborating on a mural. Heather’s boyfriend, Dudley, designed the lovely logo.  This is truly a family affair with landlord, Shelton Drum (of Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find fame), and next door neighbour and dear friend, Hope Nichols of Boris & Natasha’s, watching on as it all unfolds. 

Heather worked many years at Hong Kong Vintage and Corrie put in many-an-hour for Hope at both the clothing store and the former wig shop, Fifi Mahoney’s.  Neither are a stranger to trade shows and booth rentals.  Each of them have an eye for nostalgia, value and style.  Both have been collectors and clothes hounds since either of them can remember.  So it is with competence and confidence that the girls present to you the Stash Pad.

Stash Pad Stash Pad Stash Pad

They have clothing and accessories for sale including costumes from the late, local drag star Miss Kitty, Hope Nichols (worn in Fetchin’ Bones) and DJ Scott Weaver (worn in many bands, photos & acts) and some housewares beautifully scattered about. There is new (Full Breech tee-shirts), handmade, local (Kristen Miller’s Sew Red locally made bell bottoms - as seen on Kat von D.), men's, women's, vintage (Babyshaker albums), imported (Kelly buys jewelry during her Guatemalan travels as she is partnered with Doctors without Borders) and hard-to-find makeup and hair products (Medusa and Special Effects). Let’s not forget the off-the-wall and the sensible wigs and the (seriously) flying-off-the-shelf clip-on ponytails. Get yours. They will soon have an e-commerce included website but their doors are open for business and they are ready to rock.

1216 Thomas Ave., Charlotte, NC 28205, 980.224.7321,
Face book &  Instagram: Stash Pad

Photos & words: Ellen Gurley

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