Muchacho via Miami

Written by Kathleen Johnson

Muchacho via Miami
By: Kathleen Johnson

Given Charlotte’s predominant musical tastes, club music is probably the least likely genre you’d expect to be stoking creative fires. But there it is. Rather, here it is. Two of 2014’s standout local releases are from such acts: Premium Cut by Miami Dice and Late Night Listenings by Muchacho.

Both combine live instruments with electronic beats and studio sorcery to produce booty-swaying grooves that generally fall on the chill side. Both groups can also be found appearing at Charlotte clubs. (Dice even played on a yacht in 2014. Bam.)

Check it:

Miami Dice

Miami Dice is Shaun Olson, Scott Weaver and Josh Faggart. Smoove synths and a definite nod to the golden age of digital (aka ‘80s) dominate Premium Cut. “Moto-Vation” and “Flying Saucer” are woozy, warmer New Order on the soul tip. “Diamond Shores” is a more laid back Human League vibing with Herb Alpert. And the taking-it-all-in flava of “Condo View” probably sounds exactly like you think it should. Art Deco-splashed suits encouraged, but not required.




Muchacho is Jason Herring, Anthony “Smitty” Smith and Jason Cooper. The group’s Late Night Listenings is a suave, mostly-instrumental collage incorporating everything from astro spacefunk, house-y beats and lounge-le français to reggae and dub tones, jazz/rock guitar fills and poly-ethno percussion. Key cuts: the melancholic and melodic “4 in the Morning,” and “Downtown,” a more Latin-influenced STS9 jamming with Herb Alpert (homes gets around these days). Coming soon to your favorite tropical island happy hour(s).







Find these at:

Miami Dice’s Premium Cut is available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Bandcamp and Spotify.

Muchacho’s Late Night Listenings is available on Amazon, iTunes, CD Baby and at local record shops.


Photo Credits:
Muchacho photos - Kim McFadden Hutchinson
Miami Dice photos - Justin Smith


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