Gideon Smith

Written by Ellen Gurley

Gideon Smith
A review by Ellen Gurley

Gideon SmithGideon Smith (of Gideon Smith and the Dixie Damned Band) is a pretty fascinating person.  Accomplished producer and journalist Peter Donald, who has been a fan of Gideon’s and has followed him for around ten years, would agree.  This celebrated Woodstock resident would agree so much in this that about two years ago he called Gideon and said “let’s do a movie on you“.

Donald, having been an “idea man” at Fox and worked on such concepts as Cops and America’s Most Wanted as well as having written for Rolling Stone and Vanity Fair, saw a story in Gideon Smith.  This led to the making of an independent film about Gideon’s music and his life entitled “the Warrior Spirit”.  This film is in the post production phase and was made kind of ‘hit and run’ earlier this year with friends of Gideon’s making appearances. (Cameos included former members of Animal Bag who made it big with Polygram Records in LA and went to Head Bangers Ball back in the day.)

Mr. Donald wasn’t the only one paying attention to Gideon’s music.  His music was on “The Sopranos” which got his foot in the door of the music licensing world.  His record label is hardworking Small Stone out of Detroit. Another two songs were featured on the intro of “Dog the Bounty Hunter”.  It blew me away that this was Charlotte’s own Gideon Smith.

Artist Joshua Marc Levy of the 423 Asheville Art Family has been commissioned for a teaser poster for the film. Levy has done art for Ozzy, the Dead, AC/DC , the Black Crowes, Modest Mouse, Aerosmith, Dark Star and a lot of posters for film and television work.  My City Magazine will be keeping up with Gideon as this film comes to its final fruition.  “Like” the Facebook page to keep up, as well:

Gideon Smith has been a social media sensation since the days of MySpace with fans all over the world sending in selfies rocking purchased Gideon T-shirts.  It’s a wonderful thing to witness.  In this day and age of digital communications, he receives fan mail from Russia and Sweden and views it truly as a cherished token.  Touching people is a gift.

Gideon, who states he doesn’t like radio music, says that he is, however, very proud of the southern rock coming out of this area.  From that he draws inspiration (as well as from Zeppelin and the Doors, which is evident upon a listen to his music).   He finds a certain kinship with songwriter Otis Hughes’ project Dear Druid.  He also likes locals Luke Edwards, Chow Tiger, 20th Century Goliath and local music promoting and talent hustling king of the Dirty South Revolutionaries, a Johnny Moss.  Above all, Gideon says that he is quite pleased with what he is hearing.

Gideon Smith & The Dixie Damned 
on Season 5 Episode 57 of the Sopranos
“Draggin the River”

Gideon Smith & the Dixie Damned
on Dog the Bounty Hunter’s episode “Prodigal Son”
“Way of the Outlaw”

Photography by Ann's Photography

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