Didja Know : December 2013

Written by Ellen Gurley

Here are a couple of things you might not have known.

By : Ellen Gurley

Didja Know?Didja know about the Little Free Libraries. If you listen to NPR or read Our State Magazine or the Observer (Parade), then you may have already heard about it. I first saw one last week at the corner of Kenmore and Laurel in Elizabeth. Since then I heard about it on the radio and read about it on my coffee breaks but I have yet to ‘find’ any more than the one I found. I know a lot of you that would find this interesting. You set one up and I will personally bring books to replenish it. This concept began in Wisconsin with one dude and it has spread like a good wildfire since. I’d love to see them all over Charlotte and the surround. Go to little and get information and please email me and let me know if you set one up outside your home.

Didja know that there is a Beard and Mustache club in Charlotte. Actually “BAM” is a national concept. They don’t just sit around and tell each other how cool their facial hair is, they also raise money for charities. The Charlotte Chapter of the Beard & Moustache Club of North Carolina meets at the Chop Shop every third Tuesday from 7 to 9pm. All are welcome to attend and you can learn about Beards BeCAUSE.

Didja know that poker is legal in Charlotte and Jay Johnson’s I Move Poker has a full service company that will bring the tables right to you. Charities and new businesses will utilize this company to run tournaments to get people in the door… and it works. He has tons of followers (both men and women). Contact him and he will bring you poker and traffic with no gamble.

Didja know that our favourite honky tonk is moving. The Thirsty Beaver will leave their location on Central Ave. just shy of Hawthorne Ave. to 7th St. to become (directly across the street) neighbours with Lupie Duran of Lupie’s.

Didja know that we have a sockeye salmon lover and (world peace) activist right here in our city. Si Kahn not only is a singer songwriter who plays (politically charged and peace packed) folk with the Looping Brothers and alongside the New Familiars and the Loudermilks from time to time but he also produces plays (most recently the musical Precious Memories starring Sue Massek at the Evening Muse - which was a packed house “who‘s who” of local art and politics), but to top that all off he is a part of a movement of national artists that called Musicians United to Protect Bristol Bay to stop the Pebble Mine and save the water and the community. He is up to some very amazing and unbelievable things. Looks like we may have to do an update on the fella.

Didja know that Mandi English moved me Boutique from their location on Central Ave. to Commonwealth and The Plaza. You can find some of the original team and some new faces. The salon is “me” as an abbreviation of Mandi’s name, but you can bet your bottom dollar that their clients refer to their visits to her spot as their “me” time. Mandi has an eye for fashion and a strong sense of community. She often partners will local clothing dealers (like Caroline Frers of the Frock Shop) to have in-house truck shows. Not only can a wonderful style be obtained here but an enduring relationship. Become a customer and you will return.

Didja know that Charlotte’s Party Pedaler (a pedal powered, eco-friendly, pub crawling trolley) goes “BYOB” in January. Bottoms up and enjoy.

Didja know that Charlotte’s artist Sy Arden just became the Arts & Sciences Council’s regional artist project grant recipient. Look for exciting things from her.

Didja know that Repo Records just opened up a new store front. It’s at the corner of Pinecrest Drive and Commonwealth Avenue. Jimmy Repo is back at it again; cassettes, ‘45’s, posters, CDs and rare Ebay finds.


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