Liz “Total Lizaster” McLaughlin

Written by Ellen Gurley

Liz “Total Lizaster” McLaughlin

Liz “Total Lizaster” McLaughlinLiz “Total Lizaster” McLaughlin is an All-Star jammer for the Charlotte Roller Girls, our region’s internationally-ranked roller derby league. She describes modern roller derby as "speed chess while bricks are being thrown at you". It's fast-paced, strategic and full contact. As a jammer, she has to fight through the pack in order to score points while opposing blockers try to hit, slam and force her to the ground or off the track. The skaters see their share of bruises, broken bones and knocked out teeth... but that doesn't stop them from coming back for more. They even won the 2015 "Best of the Best" Award for "Most Badass" if that tells you anything!

The Charlotte Roller Girls travel all over the world to compete, but you can see the action locally at their home games at the Grady Cole Center. High-speed, hard-hitting action on roller skates while sipping a cold PBR—what’s not to love?! Upcoming bouts are July 25th and September 12th at 6 PM.

The team is also currently recruiting new skaters, referees, coaches and volunteers. No experience needed-- a dedicated team of trainers teach newbies all the skills needed to play. Summer skating workshops will start July 19th at the "Shark Tank", their practice space in NoDa. Meet & Greet events will be held at Hattie's Tap and Tavern throughout July as opportunities to learn more about the league and ask questions to recruiters and veteran skaters.

For more information on joining the league or coming to a game, check out or like them on Facebook as "Charlotte Roller Girls".

Caption info: Photo by Ed Frazier,

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