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Written by Ellen Gurley

Hackerspace Hackerspace Hackerspace

Evidently, I’m late to the party.  Hackerspaces are all over the world.  They are better received in metropolitan areas wherein it’s occupants reside in and live the condominium lifestyle.  Charlotte is joining that party with more transplants and natives making the switch from home ownership and lawn maintenance to condos.  This downsizing of lifestyle means what?  You don’t have your own sawdust-filled garage anymore. What does one do when they don’t have the space but still want to accomplish projects?  They become members of a hackerspace.

Hackerspace Charlotte has been around for years and is now being forced to find a new location; not because of the problems that most hackerspaces encounter: building codes or ventilation.  The space they occupy now is great but developers are coming through.  Charlotte is growing on with its bad self and we adapt.  They are having to chose a new space and have always wanted to expand, so the call of action here is for you to become a member.  They would like to move in a timely fashion and to get more faces in there. These places are always dot org’s and rely on membership fees to keep the lights on.  You are probably already thinking of someone to whom this is an attractive concept.  Maybe that person is you.

When you think of this place, think of a space with 3D printers and table saws and almost every tool you can name (and please hang back up).  Think people creating with whom you may form bonds and have some mutual inspiration.  Check them out at their current space at 1111-D Hawthorne Lane.  A board member is always present.  Upon my visit, a Michael Todd was there working on an affordable mechanical prosthetic hand designed specifically for children and their rapid growth spurts.  You never know what the space is being used for but the ideas of how to use it yourself could be endless, dear Mr. or Miss Condo Charlottean.   Tuesdays at Hackerspace Charlotte are open meetings at 7:30pm.  Go check them out today.

- Ellen Gurley (photos & words)

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