Martin "the Clown" Barry / Charlotte Roller Girls

Written by Ellen Gurley

The staff and families of My City Magazine are highly awaiting the start of the Charlotte Roller Girls 2015 season.  This year, like every other, there will be some familiar faces in the game and some have gone to other leagues or projects.  You’re sure to see Liz “Lizaster” McLaughlin and other movers and shakers, and, of course, you will see the Clown.  I’m talking about Martin “the Clown” Barry.

Charlotte Roller Girls Charlotte Roller Girls Charlotte Roller Girls

 Each year the Charlotte Roller Girls have their every move broadcasted to the filled bleachers by the Clown.  He is as much a Charlotte Roller Girl as anyone else on that floor.  My kids look forward to seeing him.  We love him - so much so that I’ve hired him as an interviewer, advice columnist and a cartoonist.  Not only do we have a thing for the athletes, we have a big thing for the Clown.

If you don’t already know him as the MC announcer and face for our rollergirls, then meet Martin.  He is highly skilled in creating his look (matching perfectly with the girls) complete with doing his own make-up.  He’s such a talented man in that department that many people book him around Halloween for their costumes (including but not limited to prosthesis and coloured contact lenses.  Around Halloween he can also been seen some years at Netherworld as a fixture in their haunted house.  Also in the fall he heads “the Clown Crawl” wherein he and his colleagues (other people who clown around or whom he has made-up) and they pick a neighborhood for the year.  The past five years have raised over $100,000 in school supplies benefiting A Child’s Place. 

Charlotte Roller Girls Charlotte Roller Girls Charlotte Roller Girls

 In addition to the time spent at his 9 to 5, with his two growing kids, in his personal life and with his clown duties, this guy raises money for local charities, keeps up with a touring sports team and guest appears all over the east coast at parties and events.  See your Charlotte Roller Girls and your new favourite clown (yes, I’m willing to share him) soon as the 2015 season will be announced during the first week of March. Keep up with our girls at

Photos & words: Ellen Gurley

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