Steve Langley

Written by Ellen Gurley

Steve Langley - the Bubble Dude
by: Ellen Gurley

Steve Langley

When someone suggested I meet Steve Langley (the bubble dude) - that he had a story - I kept thinking to myself that I already had a clown in my life.  But I met him anyways and come to find out he is not a clown.  Though he has turned leisure into work, he is not clowning around.  Known for doing bubbles - I mean BIG bubbles - Steve has become a champion.  And it didn’t just start with bubbles.

Son of NASCAR driver, Elmo, Steve Grover Langley grew up knowing about the spotlight.  And it makes you wonder if he grew up on Sesame Street (Elmo? Grover?).  Turns out he did not and is working on many books (one of which will be about his father’s life).  This bubble master and soon to be published writer spent many-a year with Opera Carolina (on the wrong side of the spotlight.)  He was their assistant master electrician (i.e. light guy).  Now-a-days, he performs as a bubble master everywhere from birthday parties (yep, you can hire him) to schools visiting the mentally and physically handicapped.  (As he studies the therapeutic properties of bubbles on special children and the elderly in nursing homes, he may, very well, publish those findings.)

Steve Langley

Putting smiles and wonder on people’s faces isn’t a new thing to Steve - traveling  around with his homemade bubble wands and mixtures of top secret soap waters - as he used to do juggling.  Having memories of seeing fire jugglers and entertainers at music festivals as a young man, he let that inspiration drive him to learn the unicycle.  He has spent almost thirty years as one of the Fettucini Brothers (Steve is Alfredo, there is also Alfresco, AlaCarte and AlaMode) touring the world - bringing joy to people of all ages as Fettucini Entertainment .  He mastered that.  He always liked paddles.  He mastered that, too.  And when I say mastered, he literally became a Guiness Book World Champion with just a paddle (and sometimes hundreds).

Steve LangleyThe Paddle Ball King is retired and the Bubble Dude lives on.  With spring right around the corner, I know that I will be hiring him for some upcoming birthdays for a little clowning around with my kids.  Don’t let me be the only one who has this master at their party. Call him. 704.992.1536

Photography Provided by : Whitney Davis Whitfield




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