Wellness Rocks with Rebecca

Written by Lane Lovegrove
Interview and Photography by: Lane Lovegrove

Wellness RocksWouldn’t it be great to get solid health and nutrition advice from a best friend who knew what you were going through? If you knew someone who had been where you were and knew how frustrating it was to wade through the ocean of information in a search for answers? Well, let me introduce you to Rebecca. Rebecca Stiff Coleman is a holistic health coach and a drugless practitioner. We met in her cozy apartment as she was curled up on her couch in comfy jeans and a white blouse. She is the owner of Wellness Rocks With Rebecca and for her clients she creates an intake form that walk her through their days; what they eat, how much sleep they get, how much exercise they engage in, what stressors they have, and how they relax (if they can).

“The cornerstone of my program is centered on what they consume, how much and in what portions”, said Stiff Coleman.  She then analyzes this information and offers plans to achieve the goals they are looking for. “I got into this because I had many questions about my own health, it was like puzzle pieces trying to fit them together. I would visit different doctors at different times for different ailments and nothing seemed to fit” said Coleman. She had a variety of concerns which weren’t being answered about her food addictions, weight issues, and emotional problems, so she decided to take closer look at what she was / was  not eating.

Stiff-Coleman went to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition which broadened her understanding of how food and wellness interact.   “I learned that certain foods didn’t work for me even though they were supposedly “healthy” foods.  They didn’t work for me as an individual and when I eliminated them they made a tremendous impact on my health and also my outlook on life.” She is an independent thinker and an entrepreneur motivated by a lack of substantial information regarding health and wellness in the media. Some of the issues Rebecca addresses in her work with clients are lack of energy, sleeplessness, failing libido, obesity and cardio-vascular disease. Relationships and spirituality are considered important along with good positive nurturing relationships in managing stress. “Everyone talks about managing stress but it’s hard to manage stress when your diet is out of whack,” says Rebecca. In looking for a wellness coach look for terms such as ‘bio-individuality’, programs that apply to you and to stay away from inflammatory phrases such as “I can do this for you” and instead look for “I can help you with this”.

She works along the precepts that our obsession with food stems from influencers who perpetuate an erroneous model of the food pyramid guidelines. Not a conspiracy buff or anyone who thinks in terms like that, she does raise interesting points about the inclusion of dairy into the USDA food pyramid, despite the fact that many people are allergic and intolerant of dairy. This is an era of awareness to common food allergens like the gluten free movement and an awareness of people’s resistances to refined and processed sugars. Stiff-Coleman named her company Wellness Rocks because she is a lifelong fan of music and the fact that rock-n-roll is a family business for Rebecca (as her son is Alex Stiff of local rock acts The Fill-ins and Biggy Stardust and His Wretched Hive).  She was the one time owner of Girlie Punk Productions - a company responsible to for promoting live music in the Charlotte and Roanoke, Virginia communities. “To ‘rock’ you have to be well, which is my motto in business and life” concluded Rebecca Stiff-Coleman.

If you would like to contact Rebecca Stiff-Coleman about Wellness Rocks with Rebecca you can reach her at or 704.219.5184.


Lane Lovegrove   Lane Lovegrove

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