Kyle Mosher

Written by Ellen Gurley


Kyle Mosher
By: Ellen Gurley

Kyle Mosher

Charlotte can boast a new artist who is calling this city home. Kyle Mosher ended up here by chance; because he is a full time artist, he is not tied to any one location and now we can enjoy some of his work in Charlotte. He came from Boston just months ago and caught my eye on Twitter. He lays pretty low but I managed to catch up with him. He mixes two of my favourite things; print media and art and creates some pretty impressive pieces. Go to his website (listed above) to see a short time elapsed video which walks you through his process.

Due to his free spirit and uncaged talent, he is also working on a collaboration with an artist from Colorado named Adam Vicarel. Adam uses old wood and steel that he hand cuts to create vintage-modern pieces. Kyle will combine his vintage newspapers and signature color palette onto Adam’s wood and steel pieces. I look forward to seeing this. In addition to that, he still continues to have gallery shows in many major cities. And though he has a steady stream of private commissioned artwork and commercial projects for companies and brands, I’d certainly be into seeing some of his pieces hanging around town. 

Kyle Mosher

When I asked him why he has featured so many mainstream pop/rap stars in his paintings, he tells me it is because he digs the rags to riches story. “It is possible. I'm a big advocate for encouraging people to follow their dreams. I think it's beautiful when one overcomes adversity, dreams big, and achieves success. I genuinely mean that. I like motivating and inspiring people with my actions and my words. I like showing them that they can achieve anything they put their minds to. It was never encouraged for me to pursue art. In fact, at one point, it was frowned upon. But I left everything I knew and was comfortable with (Hockey, a Liberal Arts business degree) to follow my dreams. A lot of people thought I was crazy, but I had this vision / where I wanted to be and WHAT I wanted to be, so I chased it. When you‘re ‘in‘ it, it‘s not a romantic story (being a starving artist). So when thinking of subjects for my portraits, I look for those who have a story to tell to which I can relate and I like to promote people to ‘go for it‘ (no matter what your ‘it‘ is).”

Thanks for getting to know Kyle Mosher a bit and we promise to keep up with him here at My City Magazine.

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