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Written by Kathleen Johnson


Bali Review
By: Kathleen Johnson

Hardcore Lounge

“Pterodactyl” – one of the four tracks on this excellent EP disc/vinyl – has proved prescient. First, the name of the popular Charlotte club appeared on Facebook feeds during the “I’m so Charlotte (or whatever)…” meme. Then, sadly, Pterodactyl founder Jeff Lowery passed away. That the song, a love-lost tune that sounds like a great lost Flock of Seagulls track, was written years ago only adds to the allure.

The title track takes us overseas where “Bali boys are/Bali girls!” (look for local drag artist BethAnn Phetamine in the song’s video and on the album cover), and comes off like prime ‘80s alt-dance rock with Brit guitar lines a la Modern English or New Order. “Move” is flat-out disco, with tips of the hat to both Donna Summer and Daft Punk (Did Pharrell or Nile Rodgers rip off  “Move” ’s opening riff for “Get Lucky”? (Check it!). Meanwhile,  “I’m in Love With A Girl” is a smoove funk-jazz number that has me thinking Southern Gino Vannelli with a full diary and hot band.

The Johnson Family Singers, the family musical forebears of Hardcore Lounge founders Wes and Chris Johnson, played “club music” for Charlotte on Sunday morning in the 1940s via WBT. These guys proudly carry on the tradition, but thoroughly on the Saturday night tip.

You can get the Bali album at and … right here in town.

Photo by: Kim Hutchinson


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