Wild Turkey Farms

Written by Ellen Gurley

Wild Turkey Farms
By: Ellen Gurley

I dine out as often as I can. I’m always trying new locally owned restaurants while still revisiting the favourites. 300 East Restaurant is on the favourites list. I recently had a brunch there that made me say WTF? What? I’m not cussing. That’s the acronym for Wild Turkey Farms. This isn’t the first brunch menu I’ve seen this name upon. The Peculiar Rabbit made me say WTF, too. I had the pleasure of meeting Lee Menius, the owner of Wild Turkey Farms, one afternoon when he was delivering meat to chef Kris Schmidt at 300. Knowing he does not own and operate a public petting zoo, I asked for a tour of his farm for the magazine. He obliged.

Wild Turkey Farms Wild Turkey Farms Wild Turkey Farms

I met chicken, cow, goat, sheep, llama, and pig - all with names like Cupcake, Phineas, Ferb, Eddie and Fudge. Not only did I met them but I met his lovely wife, Domisty, and his two sons. I heard tales of raising goat and chicks in their homes. This is truly a mom and pop that I can get into.

You don’t have to wait to see an item of theirs appear on a menu in town, you can go find them at the farmers markets and take their meat and eggs home to your kitchen. It doesn’t get more farm to table than that. And while you’re there you can grab one of their stickers for your car and make people say WTF. And after purchasing and preparing his meat myself, I not only continue to advise you to dine locally but to buy local foods and cook them yourself. It’s quite rewarding - for you and our region.

What can you expect from them at a farmers market? Well, you can expect lamb (many different cuts), steaks and chops (of all varieties), pasture raised chicken, countless varieties of sausages and, for the more adventurous eater, tongue. You don’t want to pass on their eggs and bacon. You’d be a dang fool.

Wild Turkey Farms Wild Turkey Farms Wild Turkey Farms

Now, go on. Go find them on Saturdays at the Davidson Farmers Market AND at the Salibury Farmers Market. And don’t forget that around Thanksgiving, you can certainly grab up a turkey from them...

There are many area farmers markets and farms (some with pumpkin picking in the fall and berry picking in the warm seasons) on the venue page (just click on farms or farmers markets and you will hop down the list).

(Photography by: Ellen Gurley)

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