Lemond Hart

Written by Ellen Gurley

House of Lemond
3010 Monroe Rd., Suite 103
photos & words: Ellen Gurley
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Lemond E. Hart is definitely a globe trotter and a move maker. Yet he finds himself grounded in Charlotte, NC. Having been a stylist for over twenty years and having worked for many companies, he has elected to take these many years of experience under his belt to open his own space. He used to get flown around as a stylist for Banana Republic with his displays as a directive for all of the other stores in the country and now he is using these skills to hand select all the pieces in his boutique. You may find him in many resourceful store fronts and locations (Goodwill, yard sales, individually owned consignment stores and high-end store fronts) obtaining fashions for his average client (the regular joe blows to celebrities) or just to keep in his space just in case.

As a city, we should feel grateful to have this person here - this Lemond - this larger than life individual who is known for pushing his own limits in fitness and helping you find the better you (in the process). He does this all while spouting out gospel in an extremely refreshing urban dialect. He has taken his over fifteen years of experience as a model to mentor so he may give direction to up and comers. He then connects them with his network of people. He has always been responsible for self promotion and seeking opportunities and is teaching a new generation of people to do the same.

Just a few weeks ago, Lemond was on twitter hash tagging an image of a display in his store. He ended it with #Atlanta #fashion #newyork and a gentleman drove all the way down from NYC to obtain new pieces for his wardrobe - to the tune of $600.00. If you don’t believe in social media and you are a small business owner, please allow Lemond to inspire you. It works.

Visit Lemond in his space. You may find him styling a client or talking to someone from his agency. He feels like he is really giving back to the industry that he loves by allowing opportunities for others to become models with affordable portfolio building and meeting others.

You may see Lemond at a fashion show or at a photo shoot (for himself or a client). And you will definitely see him doing charity events of his own or participating in other events. But if you see him in his space you can find meticulous displays and wonderful boxes of bowties and pocket squares. You can also see his own creations; extremely beautiful and simple lapel flowers. With just a few meetings with a client, Lemond can find out about their lifestyle or make wardrobe reassessments. He even does personal shopping specifically for individuals. Take advantage of a one on one consultation or a style session. See this man, whether you are male or female, if you need a new piece or a whole new look.


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