Charlotte Roller Girls

Written by Ellen Gurley

Charlotte Roller Girls
2014 Season 
By: Ellen Gurley
Charlotte Roller Girls

Our very own Charlotte Roller Girls are celebrating the winning start of a new season.  2014 brings about new faces, new merchandise, some new rules and a new local partner.  My City Magazine is thrilled to be in attendance at each home bout and wants to urge you to follow and support these ladies. 

The A-Team are the All-Stars and the B-Team are the B-Dazzlers.  As with every new season, we see new girls who have trained and dedicated time and energy to becoming your new favourite.  These ladies are not here to disappoint; they hip check and score their way to victory.  Though penalties are shorter and the jammers are all new, they are powering through the start of this season.  New momentos and shirts are always for sale in the Grady Cole Center’s lobby (the place for all of the home bouts).  And you can see the girls out of the arena at the occasional meet-n-greet (at places like NoDa Brewing) and you might see them with their proud new partners, the Dublin Dog Foundation.  Each year the girls donate time and money to a different charity.   This is a way to give back to the community that supports them year in and year out.

Charlotte can boast more sports teams than ever with the Knights, the Hounds, the Checkers, the Panthers, the Hornets, the 49ers and, of course, the Roller Girls.  All of these sporting events are family friendly and the Roller Girls never fall short of entertaining the lot.  The names the girls chose are amusing in themselves; Deaf Rattle, Do U Juana, Total Lizaster, Rosie Cheeks, Nita Beer and Cut Throat Cathy just to name a few.  You can purchase rubber duckies (for yourself or your kid) to participate in the center court toss for prizes.  And who doesn’t love the resident announcer, local clown Martin Barry?  Each bout has a local DJ and a regional act for halftime (sometimes young children).   You can even purchase a shout out to be given over the PA during the bout to your favourite skater or a friend for two dollars.roller-girls-article-002

roller-girls-article-003The Roller Girls are on their seventh year (beginning in 2006) and are neither the youngest nor the oldest team in the league.  Each year they get more support, they learn more and they expand their marketing.  Each girl has a 9 to 5 and still manages to make practices, home bouts and travel to whoop the butts of other girls in the region.  Let’s love them.  They are fiesty.  They are strong.  They are woman.  And they are ours.

5.10 B-Dazzlers vs. Chemical Valley (TBA)
5.17 All-Stars vs, Mother State Roller Derby (HOME)
5.24 All-Stars vs. Hard Knox (Knoxville)
5.31 B-Dazzlers vs. Classic City (Athens)
6.07 All-Stars vs. Charlottesville Derby Dames (VA)
7.12 All-Stars vs. Carolina Rollergirls (HOME) (Half-time show feat. the Funky Geezer)
8.09 B-Dazzlers vs. Classic City Bad News (HOME)
9.06 Charity Bout (HOME)


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