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purgatory-fp Purgatory 

Single Cell Productions just celebrated their eleventh year of their fetish party, Purgatory. All have had a theme and there are definitely bondage overtones. You can always expect costumes and games. There are so many different types of people who attend these parties as the events are open to all. Everyone cuts loose to local electronic DJs and enjoys plenty of entertainment on the main stage (disciplining, aerial silks, suspensions and dancers) with live music being added to future parties. Purgatory is (hands down) the longest running theme party in Charlotte, NC and Torch, the founder makes sure that the evening is fun and that “everyone treats each other with respect”.

Chris Baldwin, chief operating officer, states that “One of the things we try to reinforce across the board is a sense of comfort for all. If you wear a suit and tie all day, it’s okay to dress in a dog collar and fishnets. It’s also okay to come through the doors in jeans and a T-shirt as we don’t have an enforced dress code.”

PurgatoryOver the years, Purgatory has had its share of controversy which may very well have kept this party as a staple in Charlotte entertainment and not just a passing gimmick that flopped. Its success comes not only from determined and hardworking promoters but also from being hosted in an area such as ours. Charlotte is a very open city, despite the conservative banking center that drives its economics. Purgatory is a safe place to be amused and delighted and to test boundaries as this party is a bubble in which one can obtain a (Torch says) “consensual reality” and then leave to return to your real lives. One is always welcome to come back to this cultural community Single Cell has custom built with or without the cosplay and leather.

The next Purgatory event is on Saturday, June 14th and is at Amos‘ Southend from 8pm to 2am. Its theme is “S&M Superheroes” and will feature Purgatory long timers Vivica Ex Astris, DJ Spider and Dr. Spankenstein and will include an expanded vendor area. See you there.



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