Mena Mae Chan

Written by Ellen Gurley

Mena Mae Chan
Burlesque, Model & Fire Extraordinaire
Interview with Ellen Gurley

Mena Mae ChanE: I have seen some of your videos and have been blown away, to the point that I declared Mondays, “Mena Mondays” and used to post a video each week. I’ve become busy, but haven’t forgotten about you. Care to share any links of videos to my readers?

E: Which came first? The fire or the burlesque?
M: I started playing with fire at a young age, but throwing lit matches at other kids didn't gain me many friends.

E: I imagine you have a lot of up and coming starry-eyed girls who care to apprentice from yourself, yes? Any free advice you’d like to give those interested in following in your proverbially footsteps?
M: Be graciousness, humble, and give your best even if there is just three people in the venue.

E: I understand that you make a lot (if not all) of your outfits. And that you are also skilled in hair and have made some pieces for show. From whence did you pick up these skills?
M: My mother is a talented tailor. When I was in elementary school she had a vintage clothing and custom tailoring shop in San Antonio. I would spend everyday that I wasn't in school there, helping, and napping on a petticoat. When I got older I had to help with all the grunt work with sewing...ripping seams, adding elastic, buttons, etc.

E: I understand that you have a very special man in your life and you met when you both spied each other’s tattoos (almost identical in nature) and after talking you came to find it was from the same artist. This tattoo is a full sleeve, rather, of the cosmos. Tell me what this tattoo meant to you and to him and NOW to y’all?
M: It just means everything. Some things are just meant to be.

E: What is your favorite burlesque music to date?
M: Electro-swing.

E: What is your favorite any other music?
M: I love music.. everything from early black metal to dub-step.

E: This above aforementioned special man supports you in all of your ventures. Am I to understand that he just fashioned you a bed of nails. How lucky are you?
M: I thank my lucky stars everyday for that man.

E: Have you any awards you’re really proud of?
M: I was named Miss May for the Exotic Dancer Magazine. I guess that's some kind of an award.

E: What’s your next show?
M: July 6-9 in Traver's City, MI

E: What was your favourite show?
M: Meow Meow‘s. She is an Auisse cabaret singer.... she puts on a spell-binding show!

E: What, if anything, do you want viewers to “take away” from your show?
M: My intention when I perform is to create an aura of grace, beauty and fun that lifts the viewers spirit. I can only hope that’s what the viewer takes from my show.

E: What’s on the horizon?
M: Evaluation and refining of my craft and am honored for this interview.


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