Ellen Gurley


(Owner, Sales, Content Manager)

Ellen Gurley has been in media for over fifteen years. She has sold print and radio and has been published in Charlotte (AMPS 11, Charlotte Mix, Q Zine, Elevate, LNMental Aesthetics, TRIP, Live Wire, Genesis, Thrift, Creative Loafing, Coatcheck, Banktown U$A), Sweden (Pitch Adjust) and the UK (ATM & DOA) while having a syndicated event listing, performing spoken word poetry and DJing around the region.  Enthusiastic is an understatement when describing this woman.  She brings to the table a relationship-based approach with both clients and team members and a dedication to bringing you true news and more quality entertainment options.  Much of her time is spent on the administrative end at My City but she finds time to dabble in photography while happily raising her two sons.

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