Pint Central

Written by Ellen Gurley

Pint Central
By: Ellen Gurley

Restaurants pop up and drop off faster than most can keep up. Most new spots are referred to friends and family via word of mouth. People say, “you gotta go check this place out”. I hear it all the time, especially in regards to restaurants people think I should cover. Sometimes I follow up, other times I don’t find the time to get there but then there was this time that I was visiting an advertiser (Barbara at Salon du Monde on Monroe Rd.) and she said “you have GOT to go try the Brussels sprouts at Pint Central”. I made her repeat that as WHO goes to a restaurant for Brussels sprouts? The answer : ME. I didn’t go that day but a few weeks later, I tried it and I loved it. What was the first thing I ordered? I got a local beer and those sprouts. They were amazing. So now, when someone asks you why you went there, you can tell them you, too, went to a restaurant just to try the Brussels sprouts.

Pint Central Pint Central Pint Central

In addition to having over twenty eight draughts (including selections from Birdsong, OMB, NoDa and Triple C) and fifty bottled beers, their wine selection is quite good and they have many signature and beer cocktails. They even make a bread pudding using NoDa Brewing’s Jam Session. That is brilliant!

The menu is quite nice, featuring lamb lollipops, avocado egg rolls, pork belly, calamari and Mahi Mahi. So if you are looking for an alternative to normal beer restaurants, please give them a try. It’s amazing. They even house make cheeses and sausages. Located near Hawthorne on Central, you could easily pass this place by. I did hundreds of times. But once I stopped in, I was glad that I did. Brothers Mari and Carlos have a great place. Don’t pass them by. And while you’re in the neighborhood, go just one block away to FuManChu Cupcakes for dessert (on Lamar Ave.). Andy Jackson will be delighted to see you.

Photography by Ellen Gurley

images here: Brussels Sprouts tossed in pesto and char-grilled, Chimichurri Beef Tips (Argentinian style), Avocado Fries and chipotle dipping sauce and their Jalapeno Margarita

1226 Central Ave., Suite A, 28204, 980.237.9108,

Ellen Gurley   Ellen Gurley
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