Josh Henderson

Written by Ellen Gurley

Josh Henderson
Relax Apparel

headshot & words: Ellen Gurley

photography courtesy of Henderson himself, Mariah Scott, Lavonte Hines, and Hnin Photo

Josh Henderson - Relax ApparelWith so many talented people in the Charlotte area, we never run out of people to feature in My City Magazine.  While that is a good problem to have, sometimes we do have to poke around to find the more elusive artists.  Josh Henderson is one of those folks. An A&T graduate of fine arts, he expanded his interests while in school.  Beginning as an illustrator, he quickly found himself excelling in graphic design. 

Henderson’s bulk of his portfolio is in album cover work, but recently he has launched his apparel line called Relax.  When asking him why I’d never seen his brand before, he was pleased.  Not wanting to blanket the city with his logo, he likes that it is a rarely seen entity. 

After speaking briefly with Henderson, I came to found out that he is developing some very interesting characters in a yet to be named comic book project that is a nod to anime and Groening.  Urging him to put these characters on his hoodies, he laughs. Personally I would love to hear more of their adventures. 

Josh Henderson - Relax Apparel Josh Henderson - Relax Apparel

“Sometimes we forget how far we have come. Maybe it's because we spend more time condemning ourselves than edifying. What if told you that you'd look back … and remember all the nights you toiled... praying for answers and the frustration of being overlooked… (asking yourself) will anyone give you a chance? You know you’re cut out for this thing. You know that you’re just as good as the rest of them. Then years later, that moment of peace hovers over that chaotic storm you call your mind. You just move with more intention and less anxiety. A grateful heart trumps that of a spiteful one. You learn to be beyond your mistakes and rest. You live your life with no regrets and be.”  That’s what relax is to Josh Henderson.


Josh Henderson - Relax Apparel Josh Henderson - Relax Apparel Josh Henderson - Relax Apparel
jh-092017-app004 Josh Henderson - Relax Apparel Josh Henderson - Relax Apparel
Josh Henderson - Relax Apparel Josh Henderson - Relax Apparel  

Henderson’s drive and young energy assure that the apparel line and his drawings are just the beginning of what we can expect from this gentlemen.  Coupled up with another go-getter, Mariah Scott of Peculiar Hippie / Peculiar Talks, we are shure to see lots of good things from this power duo.

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