Mandi Murrow

Written by Ellen Gurley

Mandi Murrow
words: Ellen Gurley
photography: Mitchell Kearney

Mandi MurrowI’ve known Mandi Murrow for more than twenty years.  All the while, I have relentlessly clowned her for any and all of her interests.  I call her a health nut and I refer to many of her associations / collaborations / groups as cults / cult members.  I’m not into yoga and if you start talking about your third eye, I tune out faster than you can say “align chakras”.  In reality, I am proud of my colleague, Mandi.  Not only does she monetize her hobbies, she has chosen her own path with much momentum, even if that means having no free time.  It was fine when she was just a sought after hair stylist, I could call her vain... and all of her clientel, too (jokingly, of course, ladies and gents), but now she is empowering other women’s bodies and their dang psyches.  Vomit. 

All jokes aside, a mother and step-mother to a “slew” of good-looking youngens, she still manages to style, throw clothing swaps, maintain a recently obtained farm, host yoga, and run meditation retreats… all while being active in the community via nonprofits and local events like Creative Mornings. Below I have listed all of her upcoming collaborations and events.  She is working towards her life coach certification, studying to get be a health coach, is educated in Reiki and finishing her yoga instructor training.  Follow her on Facebook at Clean Living with m.e., if you aren’t already, as she has been sharing some lifestyle tips pro bono pre paperwork.  Oh, and chase your own dreams, too, even if that road leads to clowning. We all have a place.

• For cut, color, extentions, and other hair transformations, Mandi is available in Borealis Salon at 1317 Berkeley Avenue and can be followed on Facebook at Mandi Does Hair.  Text 704-644-0070 for an appointment.

• Thursdays @ Kale Farms (3232 Kale Ln., Matthews) : 6:30-7:30pm Back Yard Yoga by Clean Living with m.e. (information: (Kale Farms is home to a dozen chicken, a couple of rabbits, three ducks and cats, and is also selling eggs and natural household products.  Find out when and where by following the Clean Living with m.e. Facebook page.)

• Sept. 8th-10th @ Sacred Grove Retreat: (collaboration w.Kim Irene Barker) Presents: Fade into You (a weekend of rest & restoration, sound soak w.Beth Brown, clean eating, meditation & much more) (tickets: Follow site above for upcoming workshops, events, and retreats.

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