Magnolia Emporium

Written by Ellen Gurley

Magnolia Emporium
words & photos: Ellen Gurley

Magnolia EmporiumThere are a lot of hidden gems in Charlotte and My City Magazine has made it their job to point them out to readers one-by-one.  I apologize for not introducing you to Magnolia Emporium before, but I recently had the pleasure of meeting owner, Randolph Gareth James.

I came in a little early and caught him in conversation with a client in his element at his boutique.  I came to a conclusion quickly.  If you looked up worldly in the dictionary, Randolph’s photo would be there.  When I say worldly, I don’t mean bougie.  While Randolph has traveled and lived in some of the finest places, he has a down-to-earth head about himself.  Though he has serviced some of the biggest names, he is proudly here in the Gold District of Charlotte for us to patronize.  He can both tell a mean story and listen like no other and his impeccable taste is apparent throughout the store.  You’ll find a slew of finer pieces and some of the most adorable tongue-in-check gift grabs.  He carries hard-to-find pantry must-haves, fun vintage finds to pass the time and entertain guests, and some pieces that may remind you of a ‘70‘s pad.

So, let’s retrace.  Worldly?  Yes.  Bougie?  No.  However, this place is just a front.  The real secret is that he is an awarded designer and this is nothing but a mere showroom. Outside of the beauty of this inviting storefront, Randolph is available to give you some true designer-to-the-stars treatment in your own home. Who knew that behind all of these Shiva statues and soaps, a worldclass space creator was humbly hiding?  Now you do. However, if you’re not in the market for a living room facelift or a closet redesign, keep in mind that he is available for consults. Stop in to check out Magnolia Emporium.  It is not a large space, but I managed to spend over an hour in there poking around.  You’re welcome to do the same.  (And there’s beer next door at the Craft Tasting Room.)

Magnolia Emporium Magnolia Emporium Magnolia Emporium Magnolia Emporium
Magnolia Emporium Magnolia Emporium Magnolia Emporium Magnolia Emporium
Intagram: @magnoliaemporium
Facebook: MagnoliaEmporium
307 Lincoln St., 28203, 704-248-6808

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