The Eyebrows

Written by Ellen Gurley

The Eyebrows
review by: Ellen Gurley
photography: Kevin W. Condon

EyebrowsAlthough I’ve known all the members of this band for a while, I had not actually seen the Eyebrows myself until a friend lured me to a show with free beer vouchers.  Telling me “they’re great”, I met her there thinking that she was probably wrong.  Let me just tell you, they totally did not suck.  Molly Poe (on keys) is surrounded by three curly headed dudes who look like they could be brothers.  This is her debut band, however, I know it won’t be her only or last.  Shawn Lynch (the drummer) and Jay Garrigan (guitar and lead vocals) have played together almost two decades and have been in too many bands to mention.  Their existing vibe really (does) tie the band together. Jon Locke (the bassist) is of Bum Lie fame and is also currently in the Bleeps. They all bring something special to the table and, as far as them having fun (according to an article by Daniel Coston), let’s just say, achievement unlocked.  That evening in January, I watched Garrigan strut back and forth in the band corner at Birdsong Brewery like he had moves like Jagger (yes, I just said that).  All the guys contribute to the vocals and Poe brings the sweet syths. I most certainly didn’t hate it at all.


They borrowed their name from a Zappa quote and the songwriting reminds me of Mike Doughty (Soul Coughing), Kurt Harland (Information Society), and, of course, Black Francis (the Pixies), but, mostly, it’s just amusing to hear songs about social media posts that Garrigan made years ago.  These are all good folks and NO that is not a reason to check out a band, but clever hooks and a nice melody are.  They are building their discography in a grassroots, organic kind of way, coming out of pocket for each release.  At this point, you can obtain a two track 45:  “It Comes Down Hard” with “The Sun Will Kill Us All” on the flip.  It is worth adding to any collection.


Check them out at to give them a listen and at to find out about their releases and upcoming shows.  Two to catch this spring are Saturday, March 25th at the Abari Game Bar Day Party and 
Saturday, April 1st at the Evening Muse.

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