Paint Fumes

Written by Becky Huskins

Paint Fumes : If It Ain’t Paint Fumes It Ain’t Worth a Huff.
review by: Becky Huskins

Paint FumesI kept hearing the Paint Fumes wafting through my house after my husband bought the record and played it non-stop.  And kind of like real paint fumes, I think it made me a little bit high!  Or maybe I was just excited to hear something so new, yet so familiar. 

Their second record, “If It Ain’t Paint Fumes It Ain’t Worth a Huff, is on the Get Hip label out of Pittsburgh.  The band has already enjoyed a good bit of success around the state and across the country, even making a stop at the Night of the Living Fest in Tuscon last year.  Their first album, Uck Life, also helped fuel a solid fandom. 

From the first song, “Bad Rituals” all the way through to “Die Strasse Disaster” this record really drives home a very garage-sounding classic 60’s and 70’s rock sound.  So it was no wonder to me that the band’s major influencers are ones I’d expect like The Ramones, Electric Eels and Alice Cooper and also one I would never guess, The Velvets.  Garage rock connoisseurs will also recognize the Fumes’ grateful nod to the “Back from the Grave” compilation records from the 1960’s.  In other words, these guys know and respect their roots and are awesome musicians for it.  Elijah also has a hefty love for local acts like Josh Cotterino, Broke Jokes and TKO Faith Healer. 

With Elijah Von Cramon on lead vocals and guitar, Brett Whittlesey on lead guitar, Ben Carr on bass and Ian Rose on drums, this recording had a bit of a different set of personnel in the studio.  Josh Johnson is the regular drummer out for shows and seals up the primary trio this band began with: Elijah, Brett and Josh. 

It’s too bad that Tarantino missed “Puddle of Blood” for the “Pulp Fiction” soundtrack because it would have been perfect.  The surf rock vibe also runs deep on a lot of these songs like “Golden Child” and “Planetary Plans” which is by far my favorite song on the record.  If the guitar work on that song isn’t hypnotic enough, the speeding up toward the end feels like it’s leading to the end of the world.  If this record was the soundtrack for that apocalypse, I can’t say it would feel so bad.

• Paint Fumes will be playing March 28th at The World Famous Milestone. 
• Visit them at .

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