Ash Davis : A Life Through Letters

Written by Ellen Gurley

Ashley Davis : A Life Through Letters
a review by: Ellen Gurley

Ashley Davis: A Life Through LettersOn National Letter Writing Day (December 7th 2016), I attended Ashley Davis’ book signing for A Life Through Letters.  After having sat on a stack of letters his father had written for more than twenty years, Davis has recently dedicated an entire book to explaining them.  Essentially and ultimately, I think we all wish that we had said something to someone before death comes in.  Robert Gray Davis was a father to three boys and a pastor to hundreds of people in his years on this earth.  With a shaking hand, he wrote letters to many people, wanting to tell them how they affected him or what he regretted not telling them.  It’s beautiful and not many of us are afforded this luxury.

Davis was lucky enough to be able to read these words and ultimately share them with us.  His father penned letters to past colleagues, to a building, to his sons, to a pill, and even to strangers.  He wrote to a man whose name he never knew.  When Pastor Davis was a child, he remembered a man that a neighbor would wheel out into the sun daily.  The man never moved.  He just laid there.  His name becomes “Stone Man” in this letter and it  is very telling.  Pastor Davis regretted never asking his name or how he came to be “Stone”.  I wonder how random my letters would be.  In fact, so does Davis.  He not only urges us to purchase and read this book but he wants us all to join the “Writing Revolution”.  I, for one, would love to see people putting actual pen to actual paper again.  Davis is urging us all to write just one letter.  If you cannot remember how to do that, that’s okay, he is kind enough to have sent us some letter writing tips.  He truly believes that “connecting with others through writing has the power to create a huge a lasting impact on others”. My City Magazine agrees. 

Ashley Davis: A Life Through Letters
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