VisArt Video

Written by Ellen Gurley

VisArt Video
by: Ellen Gurley

VisArt VideoMy City Magazine occasionally catches up with the people down at VisArt Video.  We are here to announce that they are still up to all good and are still the only game in town.  Video rental isn’t a thing of the past and if you think it is dying, then it is your responsibility to give it proverbial mouth to mouth.  Not only does VisArt have the largest collection of films on the east coast, but they now stock so many action figures and collectibles that I can’t even bring my kids in anymore.  So pucker up and get your butts down there and set up that free membership.  It will prove to be healthy relationship lasting longer than you’ve ever experienced.  They plan to set up their screening rooms at the start of 2017 and will be having lots of in-store events.  We promise to keep you abreast of these happenings and look forward to seeing you there.

VisArt Video VisArt Video
VisArt Video VisArt Video

Please enjoy this comic strip of VisArt staff by Nic Rummel at Brut Tattoo.

VisArt Video
3104 Eastway Dr., 28205, 704-343-3031

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