Men of the Thirsty Beaver 2017 Calendar

Written by Ellen Gurley

Men of the Thirsty Beaver 2017 Calendar
by: Ellen Gurley

Men of the Thirsty Beaver 2017 CalendarIf you’ve ever been down Central Avenue, then you’ve seen the Thirsty Beaver.  However, if you’ve been lucky enough, then you have been inside for some actual honky tonk action.  Now-a-days, the Beaver is sitting in between high rise condominiums as Plaza-Midwood has become one of the most construction-busy neighbourhoods in town. The building owner refused to sell and the Beaver sits there giving growth and development the proverbial middle finger.  It’s pretty amusing, but all jokes aside, the owners of the Thirsty Beaver, Mark and Brian Wilson, have always been active members of the community.  Part of that is practicing philanthropy.  Having recently lost their parking lot (and any other space that was beside the venue), they had to think of other ways to raise money for charity.  The lot was where they threw festivals for different causes.  That brings us to the birth of the Men of the Thirsty Beaver Saloon 2017 Calendar.

You can purchase one online, at the Thirsty Beaver, or at the Tipsy Burro, the recent restaurant opened by the Beaver folks.  This project benefits the Bone Marrow Registry. The calendar is super comical, with the owners and regulars poking some good old-fashioned fun at pin-up modeling.  Molly Poe designed the heck out of it and Chris Edwards graciously donated his photography.  My City Magazine thinks that it is a collector’s item.  Creators say “there is no way that we could showcase all of the incredible characters and friends” in this year’s 14 month calendar. Perhaps we can see one next year.  What are you waiting for?  Go get one.

Men of the Thirsty Beaver 2017 Calendar Men of the Thirsty Beaver 2017 Calendar
Thirsty Beaver Saloon, 1225 Central Avenue
Tipsy Burro Saloon & Cantina, 2711 Monroe Road

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