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Written by Ellen Gurley

Kristen Miller of Sew Red
words: Ellen Gurley

Kristin Miller of Sew RedHaving dabbled in sewing her whole life came in handy when Kristen Miller found herself in Arizona.  She had moved across the country with a loved one and soon found herself trying to monetize her skills in a new area. As a nod to her grandmother, Miller is self-taught in pattern-making and sewing. She also took fiber studies and costume design at UNC-Charlotte.  Deciding to become her own boss, she dove into a few ideas for clothing that came from her schooling. She paired that backbone with her, then, environmental inspirations, and that, as they say, was a wrap. Enjoying the whole process of experimentation, she found that she really had a knack for fashion and, almost by accident, actual stars were purchasing her custom wares under the moniker Sew Red.  Steve Stevens has been spotted on stage with Billy Idol wearing some Sew Red fringed bells and Kat Von D frequently makes purchases from Miller. Boast worthy.

Miller started off cutting up XL men’s T-shirts into halters and even dresses. The reception for this line was very good. She moved to California from Arizona and started on her no-wedgie shorts, pants, skirts, and more ideas to test the waters.  That is when her “business just took off.  Sales started pouring in”.

In a marriage of ingenuity and industry, Kristen now sells pieces to people all over the world while back in Charlotte with us.  She likes mixing dressy with casual and while she is known for her iconic, fringed bell-bottoms (her signature piece), she still enjoys crafting a tie-dye, pencil skirt.

Kristin Miller of Sew Red Kristin Miller of Sew Red
Kristin Miller of Sew Red Kristin Miller of Sew Red
Kristen Miller of Sew Red Kristen Miller of Sew Red
Kristen Miller of Sew Red Kristen Miller of Sew Red
Kristen Miller of Sew Red Kristen Miller of Sew Red

You’ll find designs that are fun, flirty, ethereal, and (think) rocker.  She likes an exaggerated silhouette to be present throughout her shop. Support local and treat yourself to a custom item from Kristen Miller of Sew Red Shop today.  She has a kid’s line in the works with leopard print, baby fringe, and velvet bells.  Stay tuned for that. Call it bohemian/boho or gypsy, see that it’s handmade and dyed, and know that it’s all perfect for anything from yoga to a music festival.  Pick your poison.

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