Webb Road Flea Market

Written by Ellen Gurley

Whether you are looking for inexpensive holiday gifts or you are an avid collector of vintage items, the Webb Road Flea Market is the place for you.  Just a short drive from Charlotte, this place has been there for over three decades and can provide hours of entertainment for any picker.

Web Road Flea Market Web Road Flea Market Web Road Flea Market
Web Road Flea Market Web Road Flea Market Web Road Flea Market
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Webb Road Flea Market    

You can find anything from old soda memorabilia to fresh produce at the Webb Road Flea Market.  One of the largest of its kind in this state, there is a vendor selling Pokémon, several with your favourite sports team’s gear, a sweet lady who makes her own incense, and more cowboy boots to count.  I spent over three hours walking from building to building and to all of the outdoor tables.  Not only did I find something for everyone on my list, I met quite a few interesting characters.  Bring home a local vendor’s wares or make some folk’s trash your treasure. They are open even during the cold weather, so suit up and go get your stuff.  Wear sensible shoes, but don’t worry about packing a lunch, there are a lot of food options. Admission and parking are free, but I would recommend hitting the ATM for some cash and bring your haggle game. Enjoy!

Saturdays and Sundays 8am-5pm
905 Webb Rd., Salisbury, NC

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