Farewell Albatross

Written by Becky Huskins

Farewell Albatross : Filthy Heart
by: Becky Huskins

Farewell AlbatrossIt’s fairly rare to find a really hard rocking band that plays extremely well and still manages not to take itself too seriously, but this is just the unique mix you get with Farewell Albatross. Their new release on Mechanical Pig Records, Filthy Heart, brings to mind the rocking garage sound of great 70’s and 80’s bands that surely influenced these four musicians. Richard Jacob is on guitar, Silas Grisewood on bass, Jill Livick is the drummer and Drea Atkins is the vocalist. All four pitch in on songwriting creating a clearly cemented band with great hooky songs and excellent instrumentation. They call their sound “lo-fi basement” but believe me when I tell you there is nothing lo-fi about this quartet.

Fun is another word that comes to mind when I had the luck of being at their CD release party back in June at Petra’s. They kick a** on a great song like “Let’s Break Up” which will very probably become the anthem of empowered ladies who just hit the eject button on a relationship, but I’m actually pretty keen on the sexy “Perfect Stranger” which, again, is sure to bring some empowerment to grown women on the hunt for a fling. 

The band officially formed back in 2014 and then was reworked and re-staffed to its current line-up in the spring of 2015. And yes, the band’s name does partly come from the poem “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” but Drea says it’s mainly a decree of leaving your sad stories behind and moving on. I believe her! Nothing here sounds like sadness to me!

Drea’s powerful vocal style get her compared to Pat Benatar quite a bit, (which she takes as a compliment), but that reference is almost too easy. What Drea brings to the table combined with Jill’s fierce beats and the guitar and bass crescendo of Silas and Richard is something both old school and new at the same time. This is the kind of sound that makes you wish there were more pool halls with old-fashioned quarter juke boxes still in them. I could definitely imagine the cool kids playing “Cruisin’ For Trouble” again and again. 

I’m not always good at predicting the next BIG thing, but with this new CD on the loose, a little bit of airplay on 106.5 The End, and scads of local shows coming up, I would say Farewell Albatross could just be on the brink of greatness.

Check out their website at and look for their upcoming shows including Friday, September 9th @ Petra's.

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