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Temperance League: Day of the Dove
review by: Becky Huskins

Temperance LeagueTemperance LeagueIt’s not impossible to find honesty in today’s music since there are loads of folks willing to bear their souls. However, finding true raw honesty along with good playing and excellent songwriting are a rare commodity. Luckily, Temperance League delivers on this promise again and again. Their newest release, Day of the Dove, brings a soul-shaking reverence with Bruce Hazel’s vocals all the while supporting itself with veteran rock guys who are just plain musically proficient. What you get is a distinctly American-sounding band that could be as alive in 1983 as it is today. I believe we call that sound timeless.

It was inevitable that I would find my way to Temperance League. After all, they’ve played shows with two of my favorite acts in Charlotte at the moment: Dust & Ashes and Benji Hughes. And considering their line-up has former members of old-guard Lou Ford, Goldenrods and The Loudermilks as well as current bands like The Eyebrows, then how could I go wrong?

The band has been together since 2011 and personnel includes Shawn Lynch on guitar and harmonizing perfectly with Bruce Hazel on lead vocals, Eric Scott on bass, Chad Wilson on guitar and backing vocals, David Kim on drums, and Jay Garrigan on piano, organ, Mellotron and vocals. 

Bruce called this record their most “complete effort” the band has ever put together and after six earlier recorded efforts that’s really saying something! Maybe it’s a little of that Mitch Easter expertise on the recording, or maybe these guys just live up to their Like, Wow! record label. There are so many easily heard influences on the record, but I think I could best describe it like this: If you were born in the 70’s, a kid in the 80’s and an adolescent in the 90’s all the while with the radio playing, you will dig this band and this record. 

I was immediately hooked on “The Good Fight”. It just sounds like the background music of an underdog making his way back from hard times. Who can’t use that? I also really liked the rugged heart-rending of “Begin Again”, but far and away I kept coming back to “Best I Can”, and it quickly became my favorite. I think the Shawn and Bruce harmony magic has a lot to do with it. Also, that slight stutter on “Ain’t No Secret”?  Nice touch, Bruce. 

I hate repeating myself, but the words raw and honest floated through my mind as I listened to Day of the Dove on a loop. In these days of so much overproduction and editing, I’m just simply in love with cuts that sound like they happened on the first take. Maybe they didn’t (I didn’t ask), but the feeling of unpolished perfection shines through, and that’s good enough for me.

Download their CD at or order Day of the Dove on white vinyl. Yes, white vinyl. You read that right. 
Catch Temperance League at a secret location on Friday, October 7th.  Find out where at

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