Dan Starks

Dan Starks
“Don’t Be a Victim”

by: Ellen Gurley

Dan StarksI was scared to death when I was leaving home for college. My biggest concern was safety, but not my own. I was worried for the safety of my mother. This was in the mid ‘90’s and Dan Starks was on my TV (and yours, too) telling us “don’t be a victim”. My mother was the perfect mark; walking with her purse ajar weighing about one hundred and five pounds soaking wet. I used to call her from school and tell her to watch Starks’ segment. I begged her to be safer. Averting any episodes of danger and wanting to shut me up, she listened to me and her best friend became a student of Starks, too. I wish everybody’s mom could have a Dan Starks of their very own, but why stop at the moms? I want some of my best friends, who are realtors, to just prepare themselves a little more for the worse case scenario, too. 

Though Dan Starks is no longer behind the TV camera, a newspaper desk, or on the radio as a regular personality, he is very much still “at it”. He has also been a leading advocate of firearm ownership and training and he still actively teaches courses and hosts seminars with pertinent information for many walks of life. The reality is that not all people are out to attack you, but some of them are. This article is not to make you paranoid but to just urge you all to become more educated in safety.  This isn’t just for the homeowner who wants to buy a gun. Starks is available in many capacities to help you be more vigilant affording you that added comfort in your daily life.

Dan Starks began his career of helping others protect themselves right after he had himself become a victim.  Having been robbed in New York in the ‘70’s, he was angry at himself for not protecting himself and his company and chose that day to never to be a victim again. He has done many things and has joined many organizations. You may obtain his associations, credentials, and testimonials from past clients from Starks when you make your first appointment, but I could go on and on (MOMO, NRA, CMPD). Over the past few decades, he has literally remained a regional face of safety. He knows what it feels like to be a victim and wants to keep you from becoming one, too. 

Whether you want to obtain your conceal and carry permit, be trained in pepper foam, are interested in the laws concerning the use of deadly force, or just want to learn a few very important tips for personal safety, Starks is there.  He just wants to “equip the community with self defense skills that are both immediate and effective based on the premise that the mind is the most powerful weapon”.  Agencies hire him, new moms are more secure from his guidance, and thousands of people have learned how to be responsible gun owners under his counsel. Take advantage of this local powerhouse today.

“The nature of this business can lead to certain vulnerabilities.” Starks addresses “these issues and offers practical skills, techniques and tools to enable you to avoid and survive.”

These courses will teach you the fundamental aspects of protection, bring self-defense into your daily routine, and will help you develop a plan that is both immediate and effective. (4 hours $150)
10am-1pm @ Siskey YMCA Mon., Sept. 10th & Sat., Oct. 8th.

Starks teaches employees preventative techniques that will drastically reduce their chances of becoming a victim.

These are open to citizens who are 21, have been a resident of NC for at least 30 days, have no dishonorable discharges, and have not been imprisoned for more than a year. (8 1/2 hours at $160.00) Bring protective eye and ear wear, a bag lunch, and bring or be prepared to buy your own ammunition on-site.)
8am-4:30pm @ Hyatt Gun : Sat., Sept. 3rd, Wed., Sept. 14th, Fri., Sept. 23rd, Sat., Oct. 1st, Mon., Oct. 10th, and Fri., Oct. 28th.

These prepare the young adult for college, their first job, driving, campus safety, and more.

This involves multi-hazard risk assessment strategies for your business, employees, home and family. These seminars will help you to learn how to have and execute a plan when needed.

These seminars disperse critical information you need to know to limit the damage if your ID is stolen.

Problems that lead to violence are predictable and preventable. Starks looks at the human elements that preclude violence and discuss methods to prevent and survive these problems with a security analysis of the environment.

are designed to equip attendees with the skiils that are necessary to avoid becoming a victim or surviving if an assault becomes inevitable.

This course can educate new and old on-site safety professionals with fresh skills for keeping a large complex free from incident and ways to respond in case of one.

Starks will come to your home and assess your household’s security from the standpoint of a criminal to bring you piece of mind.

These seminars can teach you the importance of safety in numbers, communication, being aware, solidifying community, and many other tips to keep yourself and your neighbors safe.
Starks Training Institute, Inc.
Universal Defense Solutions
6420 A1 Rea Rd., Suite 351, 28277
704-392-SAFE / 704-392-7233
FB: StarksTrainingInstitute
Twitter: DanStarks

“Remember it’s your choice, don’t be a victim.”

Hear Dan Starks on 610AM / 102.5FM on Saturday, October 1st from 10 to 11am.

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