Ask the Clown : July / Aug. 2016

Written by Martin Barry

What do I Know? I’m just a Clown : July / August 2016
“Ask the Clown” : an advice column by Martin “the Clown” Barry

Ask The Clown: July / August 2016Dear Clown,

I have been friends with a certain person most all of my life. We are practically best friends. I am troubled that my other friends don’t seem to accept her when we are out. What can I do?

Real friend

Dear Real,

The BEST thing you can do is continue to stand by your friend at all times. The opiniions and attitudes of others are fleeting compared to what the two of you built.

Your friend,
The Clown

Dear Clown,

I am preparing to move overseas to fill a new position and advance my career. I would love to have someone I care for deeply accompany me on this next step, but they have their own career to consider. What would you suggest?

Off and Running

Dear Running,

Congratulations on your new position! You obviously have yet to broach this topic with your significant other. Considering their career is a good step in processing, but you must also consider other points in what you are asking. For starters, the two of you would be relying solely on each other. This sort of isolation is not easily assimilated and would test the boundaries of a commitment.

I wish you luck, and I hope that you have prepared yourself to handle an answer you do not desire. This is a huge thing to ask of anyone.

Safe travels,
The Clown

Dear Clown,

My mother is addicted to opiates. She will not listen to us when we encourage her to get help and get clean. The only people she listens to are the people whoare selling her the drugs. Help?


Dear Fearful,

I am so sorry that your family is experiencing this. Addiction is a burden on the addicted and all of their loved ones. Please keep trying to encourage rehabilitation. Your family may wish to pursue the tough love methods as well. You could have her identified as a danger to herself and have help from local authorities. I just hope that your situation does not end in tragedy.

Much love,
The Clown

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