Three Things to Know Before VIsiting a Craft Taproom

Written by Ellen Gurley

Three Things to Know Before Visiting a Craft Taproom
by Ellen Gurley


1. Have a starting point.
You have to have a starting point when ordering a beer. The person on the other side of the bar is not there to judge you.  If you have no knowledge of craft beer, that’s okay, but think about what you usually drink. Guinness?  Then go for a stout.  Do you normally drink Newcastle? Maybe you like IPAs.  Just toss out some information about your usual selection and your server can go from there.  If you can’t communicate or are intimidated, get a flight.

2. Feel free to ask for a sample.
If you drink all across the board from sours to porters and are just visiting this taproom for the first time, hooray.  Get some samples.  Are you new to the craft beer thing? Welcome.  By all means, get some samples before making that commitment to a pint.  But asking for more than two samples means you just need to get a flight.

3. They want to educate you.
The woman or man there to pour your beer isn’t a robot and they sincerely want to educate you about the product.  You may even be face to face with the owner who is quite passionate about their brand and always willing to tell you about it, however, if they have a line more than five deep at the bar behind you, gamble on a pint or get a flight and move out of the way.

• Flight: A flight is a series of tastes from the tap that range from place to place at around 2 to 6 ounces each with 4 to 6 tastes on average.  There are no rules in beer drinking, but it is recommended to taste them from lightest to darkest.

• Go to the venue page on for a list of breweries and taprooms for Charlotte and the surround.

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