Mike Watson

Written by Ellen Gurley

Mike Watson
by: Ellen Gurley

Mike Watson“Your hate is boring”.  That is a phrase I read on a T-shirt that led me to meeting Mike Watson.  Turns out that’s just a by product of what he really does.  While he did major in fashion design and fine arts, worked for Saks and other companies traveling all over doing visual merchandising, and teaches at the Art Institute, Watson doesn’t do T-shirts for a living. They are just marketing tools for his message as he is a motivational speaker and leadership professional.  He took all he learned from the corporate world and is teaching businesses what not to do from his experiences and observations.  He has unlocked the secrets to running a company with purpose and ethics through watching people do it the wrong way for so many years.

Heart-centric Leadership is the speaking tour with workshops that Watson does actively all over the United States.  He teaches your group to use creativity, innovation, integrity, and diversity to outperform the competition.  He will show you the impact that downsizing has on the customer.  His speeches will contain ways to becoming successful through “retaining your vision, sustaining your purpose, and maintaining your faith and gratitude”.

These workshops were born out of his speaking experience with being the host of the Charlotte TEDx Talks. Coupling this with his positive message and there’s no stopping how many people he can reach.  Watson is a father and a grandfather, a husband, and a mentor.  He purposely makes time for yoga, acupuncture, and meditation explaining to me that “you’re no good for anyone else if you’re a hot mess yourself”.  He does all of this while still continuing his own education and finishing his doctorate in organizational leadership.  This will all lead to him beginning his first book and then who knows what else.  He is clear, authentic, and his behavior speaks louder than his words, but most importantly he is relevant and useful.   Hire him to come speak to your organization or check him out at as TEDx Charlotte host.  And fun fact: following him on social media has been known to be uplifting.

Some quotes from Mike Watson:
• An open mind always accompanies and open heart.
• Innovation lives in the quiet space between observation and opportunity.‬
• To listen, you have to stop talking both verbally and internally.
• Creativity and innovation take place in the space between the known and the unknown, between lived experiences and possibilities.
• Listen for the truth, no matter the messenger.

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