Thirsty Nomad Brewing

Written by Amanda Dickinson

Coming Soon: Thirsty Nomad Brewing
by: Amanda Dickinson

4402 Stuart Andrew Blvd., 28217, 704-940-0947

Thirsty NomadI recently got a glimpse of what will surely be one of your favorite places to grab a beer.  Still in the breweries infancy, one can tell it’s shaping up to be a very cool spot.  Brad Ledbetter, Michael Gellar, and Cannon Brent Tune came together a while back and decided on a Steampunk-themed brewing company.  Brad and been traveling and home brewing for a while and knew he wanted to take it to the next level.  He then brought in Michael and Cannon to flesh out other aspects of the business.  The team of three has been brewing for festivals and benefits for a while now.  They decided to bring in more investors to open up their own brick and mortar shop. 

The interior of the taproom will house glossy wood topped bar, wall murals of clocks and gears, and their logo. They stressed that there will be no televisions in the tap room.  The guys want to create a space where people will come and converse.  They believe the focus should be on the people and the beer.  The three barrel system will be housed just to the left of the bar, with plenty of room for expansion.   Future plans include, adding in a bottling and canning line, increasing production, and an addition of a dog park area. 

Thirsty NomadWhile Thirsty Nomad’s main focus is on consistently good beer, they plan on offering wine, cold pressed coffee, and adding some non-alcoholic sodas to their lineup.   There won’t be any food prepared on site, but they will be providing light snacks behind the bar and will be hosting food trucks from time to time. .Some of their past brews have included Cap’n Sour Ale, Seeker Pale Ale, Valkyrie Chocolate Stout, Codger Old Ale, and Buccaneer Amber Lager.  As of right now, the guys are forcasting the opening of the taproom to be sometime in June of this year.  We can’t wait!

• Sample Thirsty Nomad at the on Saturday, May 14th from 2-6 pm at 308 West Carson Boulevard.
• Follow Thirsty Nomad’s progress on Facebook, Instagram , and Twitter. 
• More information is also available on their website:

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