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Gene Lazo Book
Tic Toc 3:36

Gene LazoCarl Jung spoke of the collective unconscious, those innate experiences which can be seen as the soul of humanity at large. The collective unconscious contains what Jung called "primordial images" or "archetypes". These archetypes only take form and enter consciousness in concert with an individual’s life experience. But, according to Jung, these archetypes form a common foundation for all humanity upon which each individual builds their own self, shaped by culture and experience. Thus, while archetypes themselves may be conceived as a relatively few innate nebulous forms, they give rise to many images and words and symbols which have meaning that spans beyond an individual human lifetime. This may explain why certain words and images have such a powerfully profound impact on people. We may not understand why, or for that matter even what, they so deeply elicit.  We just know that these archetypes do.  This book is an exploration of these archetypes. It contains a series of original photographs paired with a single archetypal word. Consider these to be one word novellas telling a story based on each individual viewer’s own experience.


• The paperback version is available to buy on Amazon.
• There is a special deluxe hardcover edition available at the publisher’s sight. This location also contains a preview of the book.

Editor’s note: Gene Lazo is one of the most sought-after live music, street, and art photographers.  My City Magazine is delighted to announce the publication of his second coffee table book. 

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