Doc Porter's Craft Spirits

Written by Ellen Gurley

Doc Porter’s Craft Spirits
- Ellen Gurley

Doc Porter’s Distillery is one of the new players on the local alcohol scene. Located in South End, Andrew and Liz Porter’s baby is open to the public for tours on Fridays and Saturdays. Recently having celebrated the birth of their distillery, they also just welcomed their second real bundle of joy into the world, too. All of this excitement has a cherry on top now with their booze being available in ABC stores.

Doc Porter's Craft Spirits Doc Porter's Craft Spirits

Beginning your own brewery or distillery is not without its red tape and difficulties. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that local breweries are battling state boards to remove a very ridiculous cap in their bottle production abilities. The same goes for distilleries in that you can only purchase one bottle per year from the distillery itself. None of these issues leave a bad taste in the Porter’s mouths. They are excited to be a part of the new boom and to have a legacy to leave behind for their daughter (and possibly more children).

Doc Porter's Craft Spirits Doc Porter's Craft Spirits docporter-052016-003

Supporting local isn’t just a big thing for My City Magazine, North Carolina, as a whole, is hip to this notion. Andrew and Liz support regional, too, sourcing ingredients right here from our area whenever they can (i.e. NC wheat & more). They currently have a vodka and gin available while bourbon aging in barrels will be available later this year. They plan to keep things fresh with other product releases, so stay tuned. I like this idea of not limiting themselves. It took them three years to get this thing off the ground. Go give them a taste and a high five.

232 East Peterson Dr., 28217, 704-266-1399

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