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Written by Becky Huskins

Sext Message: Generation Sext
review by: Becky Huskins

Picture courtesy of Jeni Magness

Sext MessageMaybe only a husband/wife duo could pull this off: a poppy synth recording with keytars, auto-tuning,  and sexy business time lyrics.  When Jonathan Battleship Hughes passed this CD over to my husband at The Milestone one night, he warned him not to play it if we didn’t “want more babies”.  Who wouldn’t be intrigued, right?

Hughes and his wife and musical partner, Stephanie, have managed to pull off something few people could: creating a fun and sexy version of dance music for grown-ups.  And in a world so obsessed with the youth culture of kids under 25, how refreshing is that?

Songs like Robot Party remind us that while we like to have fun, we’re still grown-ups with lines like “we’re calling in to work tomorrow, robot party all night”.  I can’t help but think that this and Space Adventure have a little bit of a Yo Gabba Gabba influence.  This is what happens when we become parents, people.

The song A for Effort is made for karaoke lovers and pretty much tells you it’s okay to be your weird self and still loving Tears for Fears.  Need You Tonight is exactly what you hoped for: a cover of the classic INXS hit with Stephanie’s sweet but spicy vocals mixed with Jonathan’s auto-tuned “I’m lonely” in the background.  All I can say is, Michael Hutchence would love it. 

Krazy With a K is a little sexier but even the more erotic songs like this and Earn It are still tinged with the humor that is running between this couple.  It’s like the perfect kind of music for making out with your nerdy husband/boyfriend.  You could be 17 or 47… just works. 

I’m going to guess that Last Call is definitely based on the Hughes joint experience as bartenders and owners at the Milestone, a Charlotte institution for lovers of music and PBR.   I’m sure they’ve seen this desperation play out in front of them countless times.  “Gotta get one more……gotta get one more…..race against last call……”  We’ve all been there, right?

I have to say, it’s nice to hear music that was created by those of us that came of age in the 80’s and 90’s and still like that kind of sound and are damn proud of it!  This CD is really fun and the old school influences will really take you back and make you feel young again.  Maybe that was what Jonathan’s warning to my husband was all about.   Hmmmm.  Now you’ve been warned too.

Jonathan and Stephanie Hughes are owners of the World Famous Milestone Club.  There is an effort underway to “Save the Milestone”.  You can do this by donating to the account so that they may do many much needed repairs and renovations.

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