No Anger Control / Drunk in a Dumpster Album Review

Written by Becky Huskins

No Anger Control / Drunk in a Dumpster Split
Vinyl Review by: Becky Huskins

No Anger Control / Drunk in a DumpsterIf you want to party, mosh and basically rock out like punks from the old days there are two go-to bands: No Anger Control and Drunk in a Dumpster.  On their new split record, these two bands are like the perfect peanut butter and chocolate delight of underground punk rock.

Known for the powerful vocals of their lead singer, Tiff Tantrum, No Anger Control is famous for its fierce shows in the Queen City since 2012.  Tiff and the rest of the guys, Levi, Jason and John are so tight they put your high school jeans to shame.  Hypocrite begs you to sing along and Save Our Home became one of my instant faves.  Any song with the opening line  “consider this your warning song“ gets my attention.

Drunk in a Dumpster definitely has an old school hardcore punk sound, but there’s also a solid speed metal influence climbing through it. “You always complain about my drinking but never ask me about my thirst.”  No matter how you feel about drinking, that’s just a great line (in the song “Beer Hunter“).  And c’mon, you have got to love any band that lists Lindsay Lohan as their press agent and Charlie Sheen as their manager.  Page, Stephen, Alex, Dave and Matt bring it as ferociously on this record as they do in their live shows.

According to my husband (a man who knows) this is old school circle pit punk.  Try arguing with that. And then there’s that awesome vinyl sound.  Anyone that collects records knows the sound I mean. This album is the reason independent record stores are still standing, and then will one day be selling this one as “vintage”.  Also, the little kid in me really loved all the “extras” contained in the album sleeve including a fold-out with pics and lyrics.  The cover art is clever and the actual record itself is beautiful with streaks of black and white across it with a pic in the center of Tiff on one side and Dave on the other. 

Aside from all that, this release is just good punk rock thrash melt-your-face rock.  If you love that kind of thing like I do, you’ll love this record the minute you drop the needle.  No Anger Control/Drunk in a Dumpster Split Release Party (with The Not Likelys, From the Gun, and The Commonwealth) is on Saturday, May 7th at The World Famous Milestone.

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