Move that Dough by Kacie Smagacz

Written by Ellen Gurley

Move that Dough
photos courtesy of owner Kacie Smagacz
by: Ellen Gurley

I met a young, soft spoken beauty with some homegrown ideas. Kacie Smagacz got the itch for Move that Dough long before she caught my eye and I came to discover that baking is in her blood.  She even named her recently acquired mobile pastry truck, Franny Lu, after someone that inspired her. "My grandmother Fran taught me the very basic of baking, the precision of measuring, and the patience that it takes."

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Known for her vegan donuts that won’t increase your chances of heart disease (like others), how can you not love her … with your whole heart?  “Love takes time” is her motto when you have to wait for the yeast to rise.  Patience, spontaneity, and roots all played a part in this venture. Kacie is backed all the way by her close friends, her partner, Phillip Gripper, who has entrepreneur written all over him, too (don’t worry, My City promises to keep an eye on him for you), and so many people in the community. Join us in enjoying wholesome sweets and supporting wonderful people with love in their hearts and their treats.

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Franny Lu (her travco) was obtained and converted with the intention of solely running off of solar energy.  Brilliant! Kacie says "my menu will offer high quality, healthy, baked goods that are without animal biproducts.  There is a demand for more vegan options and I am just responding to that need.  Move that Dough thrives off of networking.  She has partnered with Queen City Forward, Cassee Cunningham of, and UNCC on projects.  She aims to continue to work with area non-profits. "I plan to be very social with the goal to use real food to impacts those around me."

• Order her cookies, scones, love-filled cakes, and her soon-to-be nothing less than famous donuts (and yes, she delivers) on her indeogogo. .

• Contact her at:

• See videos showing her making some of her creations set to local music.

• Keep up with Move that Dough on Instagram @movethatdoughbakingco and like them on Facebook at www.Facebook/MoveThatDoughBakingCo .

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