Johnny Moss

Written by Ellen Gurley

Johnny Moss
by: Ellen Gurley

Charlotte's (punk and rock) music scene is very much so old school in that there are street teams, flyers, posters, and good old self promotion.  Though this isn’t just limited to that one genre, it is very much so more prevalent within that vein.  Right in the center of that movement is Johnny Moss (embracing fully the digital age and dedicating many hours a day to this effort). He actively shows off his own groups (Dirty South Revolutionaries - which are very much so the author’s speed - and T.Cutter - whose name said author refuses to type out in it’s entirely but whose events she proudly puts on her event listing - abbreviated as such) AND dedicates countless hours pushing EVERYONE ELSE’S BAND IN TOWN.

This month, My City Magazine would like to shine a light on the humble and hard working Johnny Moss (devoted father, doting husband, music venue bouncer, and homegrown business man).  Just take the attention, Dad.  (He is often referred to as Dad, endearingly, as he is often the one to turn to and look up to on top of also being an actual parent.)

moss-032016-002Someone who has been on the receiving end of Moss’ promotion and protection, Gideon Smith has to say about Johnny that he “is a really cool guy with a lot of heart and a big love for music. Not only does he work tirelessly on his own music (and it's awesome), but he works to spread the word on all kinds of bands across the map every single day. It takes a great amount of genuineness, effort, and time to do what he does. Mad respect and props to Moss, I really admire that individual."

While Johnny often finds himself overwhelmed with everything on his plate he does it with a smile and with selflessness.  If you ask Johnny, he says if you want to know what it’s like to be him “imagine having an above average IQ, anxiety about everything, intermittent explosive disorder” (didn’t I mention the punk thing) “and finding yourself constantly surrounded by social injustice”.  I say, to learn more about that, listen to the lyrics in DSR. 

I asked Tiff Tantrum of local band No Anger Control what she thinks of the man and the legend and she had this to say.  “Johnny Moss looks out for all musicians and bands, not only in Charlotte, but pretty much all over the country. He loses sleep and sanity to help us live our dreams. I've literally seen him play a set, and then put on his work shirt for the venue, and clean up the stage after the show. He is literally part of everything; booking, playing, bouncing, and anything and everything in between. He's the true definition of DIY, and he's making sure we are all a part of it. Chris Peigler would be proud to see that what he started is being continued through Moss, and many of those around him.”

To get to know the father and the husband, you have to get in that inner circle.  I just know him as the master cross promoter and rocker. I personally see him as the glue that holds the scene together, you should get to know him on stage.  That’s just my two cents. 

Photos courtesy of Dad himself

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