Zone 7 Foods

Written by Ellen Gurley

Zone 7 Foods
by: Ellen Gurley

My City Magazine’s favourite type of businesses to push on you are mom and pops.  This particular one (Chris and Emily Russell) are the epitome of the balancing act with a blended family, a budding business in Zone 7 Foods, and an invested interest in the community.  I met them at the NoDa Farmers Market one Saturday and have since shared air time with them at WFNZ.  I have raved on their breads and inhaled their chili.  I literally can’t say enough good about these folks.

Zone 7 Foods Zone 7 Foods Zone 7 Foods

Zone 7 Foods is serving up pizza, soups, and TV dinners that you can take home and enjoy and let’s face it - wanting convenience doesn’t have to be an ugly (American) thing.  Being busy is just the way it is.  They are just catering to that demand while using ingredients from regional, sustainable farms to make their amazing and ready-to-go meals. You can’t go wrong with their use of sustainable meats, cheeses, and vegetables while they are supporting many local sources each week.

Zone 7 Foods Zone 7 Foods Zone 7 Foods

They are open Thursday and Friday from 11am-2pm and are located right behind Gus' Sir Beef (at Wendover & Monroe). They are also available Saturdays (9am-1pm inside the Neighborhood Theatre when there’s bad weather and 8am-12pm in the lot beside that venue when it’s nice out) at the None of their food have fillers, dyes, emulsifiers, stablilizers, or artifical flavoring. Menu items change according to the season and some vegan options are available (they also serve up delicious things for carnivores).  Check them out for yourself and we all win when we support our own region AND, of course, the mom and pops.
4113-A Monroe Rd.,
Charlotte, NC 28205


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