Reincarnated Roadkill by Corey McGovern

Written by Ellen Gurley

Reincarnated Roadkill by Corey McGovern
inspected by: Ellen Gurley

Reincarnated Roadkill Reincarnated Roadkill

Exciting, young Corey McGovern takes time off from mountain climbing, hiking, and otherwise exploring to create one-of-a-kind, regionally, sought-after Reincarnated Roadkill leather accessories. Upon her recent leave from tattooing people, she has taken to beautifying the no longer living flesh. 

Reincarnated RoadkillIn a similar technique to tattoing, she creates beautiful conversation pieces.  She mostly produces highly coveted soon-to-be family heirlooms while sometimes incorporating a client’s family roots.  Often times, she cranks out commissions with someone’s favourite cult figure and she is no stranger to just doing the basic initials. 

My personal favourites are a coyote messenger bag, Opossum earrings, and a Boba Fett billfold. No matter what the job, she includes a piece of herself and always wants the purchaser to be fully pleased with her product.  And she doesn’t disappoint.  I will let the photos of her pieces speak for themselves. 

* Disclaimer: All animals are delighted to live again in this art.

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