The Commonwealth, Hollowborn, Sticky Bandits, & Van Huskins

Written by Becky Huskins

The Commonwealth, Hollowborn, Sticky Bandits, & Van Huskins
review by: Becky Huskins

The Commonwealth

There was a three night birthday fest this past winter for local music legend, Johnny Moss.  As I’ve mentioned before, I am on “mom duty“ most evenings.  That being said, I couldn’t make it to all three celebrations, however I managed to make it to the final one and choosing the Sunday night show may have been the best decision. I got to catch The Commonwealth, Hollowborn, The Sticky Bandits, and Van Huskins.

First off, THE COMMONWEALTH… I just love these guys.  To be honest, I pretty much dig any Simon Strivelli music project being that all of the bands he tends to be in seem to be all about working hard and having a good time.  I guess that’s why we call it oi, huh?  To call this band anthemic is just too simple, though you honestly can’t help but sing along to songs like “Time Goes By”.  These guys just make me want to pogo and drink beer … and I’ve never done either! Their homage to the Charlotte scene, “City I Love”, would make any Queen City music lover’s heart grow three sizes bigger.  Check The Commonwealth’s Facebook page for upcoming dates in spring and summer around Charlotte and Raleigh.

HOLLOWBORN, out of Columbia, South Carolina, describe themselves as melodic metal/dbeat.  Even though it was only the third show for this band (total), I could tell they’d all been playing individually for a long time, and founding members Peyton Costill and Dwayne Dandy say they have been jamming together for “forever”.  All four of these guys were really good at their instruments, and I could definitely hear the speed metal influence in their sound (think Megadeth).  HollowbornThey cite their major influences as Skeleton Witch and Disfear.  All I know was this was the kind of deep sound you feel all the way to your chest.  Hollowborn will be cruising back through Charlotte later in the year.


… mmmm, mmmm, mmmmm.  Gastonia’s own bluesy-rock band is a force all its own.  Robbie Thornton, the rhythm guitarist and lead singer, brings a wild energy to the band that kinda sounds like classic rock meets garage rock.  I’m not sure how else to describe it, but you can’t beat a band that has a song titled “Foosball Crossroads”.  There’s a definite roots-rock vibe that will appeal to the true southerner in you and a metal flavor that will wake up your inner head banger.  Keep an ear open for their debut album coming out later this spring. (If you have a minute, ask Robbie the story about this totem-pole mic stand.  You will NOT be disappointed.)

And as for VAN HUSKINS, well, just look at my last name and you know I can’t really be fair here.  I will simply say they’re a lot of fun to see and their song titles basically tell you all you need to know.  I mean, “Suck Butt Thurston”? C’mon, people! 

Sheesh, I love this town!

THE COMMONWEALTH is at The Station on April 9th.
HOLLOWBORN will be playing March 31st at Columbia’s New Brookland Tavern
See THE STICKY BANDITS at The Nest in Gastonia on March 5th.
Check out VAN HUSKINS on April 1st  at The Dirty Hippie on South Boulevard with THE STICKY BANDITS on the same bill.

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