Billy Dunn of RE:DUNN Designs

Written by Ellen Gurley

Billy Dunn | RE:DUNN Designs
by: Ellen Gurley

Billy DunnTo say that Charlotte born Billy Dunn is an artist would not be a fitting description.  He is more of a craftsman … of functional art.  His business name is RE:DUNN and is a play on words combining his last name and his mission statement.  He reuses, repurposes, and reclaims many materials that were discarded by you or sourced by himself through years of collecting.  Sometimes he doesn’t see the finished product when picking up unwanted things to recycle into his art.  Often times, he lets things sit there for many years before they get a new life but, more often than not, he quickly acquires items and breathes new life into them.

His large-scale wood tables are what first caught my eye.  Billy makes very robust pieces for personal and business use by his clients.  I’ve seen hostess stands, farm tables, and butter knife mirrors.  I’ve seen the interior and exterior of many businesses who have commissioned him for seating and décor (5Church in Charlotte and in Charleston, the Frock Shop, and Charlotte‘s Art Twentytwo just to name a few).  Having worked in art departments and the film industry, the lot of his time is eaten up by designing and building homes, however Dunn gets art done in his spare time.  He has to.  It gives his life purpose.

Billy Dunn Billy Dunn

Dunn lived in the concrete jungle of Los Angeles for many years and found himself using more industrial pieces to produce his craft.  Now back in Charlotte (a tree rich environment), he is using more natural ingredients (if you will) to crank out pieces.  No matter where he lives, his process is organic and full of character and he wants to include his client in the process.  Let’s take advantage of his craft while he’s here in the South in the off chance that the wind may send him west again. Have a consultation with him and hire him today.  You’ll be glad that you did.

Photography from Liza Cox & Billy Dunn




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