Whiskey Wood

Written by Ellen Gurley

Whiskey Wood
by: Ellen Gurley

 Whiskey Wood Whiskey Wood  Whiskey Wood 

Drinking whiskey can be a very romantic thing.  Furthermore, having accessories for said whiskey, can also be a very lovely thing.  Unless, of course, you don’t think your whiskey deserves an accessory.  I know mine does.  Lexington, SC’s Chad Geary came up with the idea for Whiskey Wood around a campfire with some of his old college buddies from Western Carolina.  Cherrywood is perfectly charred individually making these stirrers quite a treat.

“The entire concept is that we don’t change the whiskey. The idea is that you eat and drink with your eyes, then your nose, then you taste it.  We have just made the stirrer more attractive and more practical while eliminating the alcohol smell and bringing the campfire to your glass.” 

Chad states that each stirrer is intended for one use however I used some of mine multiple times and still enjoyed the smell.  He is a very down to earth guy (he married his high school sweetheart) and he doesn’t aim to intimidate you with his stirrers.  He’s not a lofty person and you don’t have to be high falootin yourself to enjoy his product.  Personally I think it’s a brilliant gift for women and men alike.  Treat someone or yourself.

Whiskey Wood Whiskey Wood Whiskey Wood

I met him at Soul Gastrolounge in Plaza-Midwood to enjoy his stirrer and chat him up but, not to worry, you don’t have to make an appointment with him to experience his product.  His jars of 18 whiskey stirrers are sold locally at the Sporting Gent and at CLTCH for less than thirty bucks.  You can also order more products from his website (including flasks and campfire-scented candles done as a collaboration with a candle company).  From my Google searches, I cannot find anyone else who makes these whiskey stirrers so this is truly an original idea and a wonderful gift idea.  Get some.

Photography : Ellen Gurley taken at Soul Gastrolounge

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