Salon du Monde

Written by Ellen Gurley

Salon du Monde
words & photos by: Ellen Gurley

Salon Du Monde - BarbaraBarbara Steffon has been doing hair for over twenty years and the lot of that time has been spent working in a dreamy home on Monroe Road in the “salon and tattoo shop district” (as I call it).  She has been doing my hair lately and has been asking me to do an article on her salon.  I kept thinking “why? It’s just a salon”.  I imagined myself meeting estheticians and nail technicians and getting bored.  Yeah, this is NOT that type of salon.  While you can get beautified, utilize a salon that only uses natural lines, purchase Atomy and itWorks! products, get locally made jewelry and receive scalp and hair treatments (to promote regrowth), this salon sets itself apart from other salons as they, how can I put this, are not a typical salon.  You won’t see rows of women getting their hair did but you will see a group women who focus on healing, energy and empowerment.  Let me introduce you to the team.



Salon Du Monde - CherylCheryl’s gig is “The Whole You School of Massage & Bodywork”.  She spent her early life as a social worker and has always had an interest in the mental and spiritual experience and how stress affects this.  Learning about the alleviation of said stress brought her to learn therapeutic touch.  A consummate learner of meridians and energy, she broke out of the system and delve into massage therapy which was not an accepted form of healing by medical professionals.  Yet due to her presence in her community, clients came to her quite readily and she has become a supplement to many doctor’s current therapy for healing.  From her experience working with dyslexia, she has found that we all have a form of it.  If it’s not a dyslexia with arithmetic, it’s dyslexia with relationships or a dyslexia with money making.  This ties in with her relationship with stress relief as it pertains to the body and the mind connectivity.  This stress is born out of our dyslexia with a certain aspect of our lives.  She helps you with structural rebalancing.  One has to develop enough self love and confidence in order to be where you want to be. “In the awareness, everything changes.”  She invites us all the be present and open to the healing that your body requires by listening to the messages it is telling you.  You are a healer of yourself and we all just need a little empowerment which is done through energy, our tissues and our thinking.  Book a session or class today with Cheryl that isn’t just a massage it’s a discovery that happens within yourself when you find awareness of self that goes past all of the “stuff” that you claim.  She wants to “take the woo woo out of your emotional attachments to mental garbage“.  “I help people to accept their own truth and allow others to have their own truth. (Not the preacher’s truth or your mother’s truth - your own truth and belief system.)”

Salon Du Monde - BrittWhen I met Britt, the paralegal, she began by asking me what my birthdate was.  This is to get a feeling on what my root / base is starting with my astrological sign.  She just gave me the basics of numerology and I felt like it was pretty right on with my personality and how I interact with people. From a numerology approach, she can begin to make determinations.  She does energy exchanges with clients and she makes accommodations based on what the client comes to her to accomplish.  It’s possible that they came for a healing session.  Perhaps they came to get read.  Energy can be seen and read.  But ultimately “people come for something to catapult them into a way that they can take action and notice something to work on and improve in their physical realm.”  She does this through tarot, she does this during tea readings, she does this with aromatherapy, she does this through hypnotherapy, she does this through nutritional counseling and she does this through life coaching.  She says “sometimes you don’t even have to read energy as their vocabulary and body language can tell you so much“.  “Meditation is done with a client who is open to viewing the patterns that occur in their lives (sometimes going back to past lives)” and in healing sessions there is often a reprogramming of language and a finding of purpose.  By communicating with your archangels, she can see what your purpose of visiting is; is it for detoxification, is it a reading, is it a specific ailment that needs attention?  By using her “bag of tricks” and your needs or goals, a lot can be done with a chat with her.  Call to make an appointment.

Salon Du Monde - FatoshFatosh is a Reiki Master.  She explains that “Reiki is cosmic, divine energy that is available for everybody, but most of our chakras are closed.  Reiki Masters open those blockages.”  As a level three master, she is able to send energy for far distances while a level one can only send it within one area or room.  She says that she has to keep herself out of the goal (results) because she says that “energy is intelligent and knows where to go”.  She says she doesn’t call herself a healer (though a visionary told her that she was a shaman in a past life) because she believes that she’s not the one that’s healing.  She is just the channel or facilitator for the energy. She also works with Seraphim Angel Energy. Call to secure some time with her.




Salon Du Monde - TerryTerry comes from a place where she wants to empower people to protect themselves (especially women and children). Tai Chi working through the personal defense systems from Isshin Ryu Karate can equip you with the skills to keep yourself out of a bad situation.  As a sensei, she wants you to know that “its never okay to be abused” and it’s heartbreaking to her when someone gets abducted or attacked.  As an advocate for women and children, she wants you to know that there is just one simple move that can get you out of the wrist grip with so much more to learn when reinforcing these lessons with building the strength of the body, the awareness of the mind, and the willingness of the spirit.  Seeing Terry for just a few sessions or an entire six week series, she hopes to get you to realize that you have the right to defend yourself.  “No means no is not enough.” By learning some basic, critical moves and building your endurance, you can be a more prepared individual.  “Awareness, knowledge, and training can prove that you are mentally prepared to escape, counter as needed, and make police aware.” Self-defense is the nature of the art in which she will educate you and self-confidence is a by product of this training.  Win win with fun mixed in.  Sign up today for November and December classes.

Salon Du Monde - VeloriesVelories is a Reconnective Healing Practitioner .  Let it be known she used to practice law and studied at Harvard but realized that this was not her dream for her life but perhaps her father‘s.  She went into exploring her own truth. “In this culture, there has been has disconnection between our authentic selves and what we are presenting.  We need techniques to reintegrate ourselves.  By diffusing some energy, you can get to know yourself (again) and then things will fall into place.”  She looks to get her client “clicking again” and feeling whole.  “We fight against ourselves and our DNA / ancestors.  As a spiritual transformation coach, my job with angel therapy work and kinesiology uses frequencies to help people to get them on the life path they need to be on.  And if they’re already on that path, it accelerates it.”  She doesn’t think that there’s “anything to be healed, only God to be revealed.” She believes that we are more than just third dimensional beings. Call today to come and meet Velories for a private session or to ask about some workshops.  You’ll be glad that you did.  She is a very calming soul.  She’s “always excited to see what comes from within” her “clients when” they “work together“. As far as she is concerned, “we are all on our own path, we are all equal and we all need support.”

Salon Du MondeSalon du Monde is a salon.  This is true.  Is it your typical salon?  I like to think that we just determined that it was not.  The women on this team want to empower you in one way or the other.  They want you to remove some emotional baggage or otherwise improve and relax yourself.  This is making you beautiful from the inside out.  That’s the best kind.  Call this holistic salon today to find out about seeing one of the team members.  Barbara’s customers have been coming to her for decades and she is now attracting new ones.  Come find out why. It doesn’t have to be a New Years resolution thing, but it definitely can be a new you type of thing.  Get on it.



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