Written by Ellen Gurley

by: Ellen Gurley

There is a fine line between bombshell and diva that Scott Weaver, Lesa Kastanas and Linda Martinez rightfully straddle.  Having been in several local bands (Babyshaker and Miami Dice just to name two) and the DJ and host of the longest running weekly in the Charlotte area (Shiprocked Thursdays at Snug Harbor), Scott Weaver is a local celebrity often going by the name Chaka.  Lesa Kastanas has owned many nightclubs and restaurants with her husband Andy (Aqua, Mythos, Diamond, and Soul Gastrolounge) making her one of the most VIP people in town.  And Linda Martinez has styled hundreds of local personalities for over twenty years with her business “Styled Now” and through her old Dilworth job at Sloan.  Together they bring us CLTCH, the newest boutique to hit the scene.


My City Magazine recently got the deluxe tour of CLTCH with all three owners.  The walls are covered in local art and the shelves are perfectly dressed up with everything from chunky bangles to wooden neckties.  They sell fun flasks and classy statement pieces making them a go-to for anyone wanting a special gift for themselves or someone on their list.  Linda can do your wardrobe and Scott can skillfully do your face.  Don’t miss out on these professional services available to you.


One could easily spend hundreds of dollars there though all of their stock is modestly priced.  I fell in love with several handbags, scarves and ponchos while highly coveting the locally designed Carolina Panthers tee shirts.  While I was there, several people came in to get said tee shirts after seeing them on social media.  I’m not one to keep a secret, so I’m sharing their store with you today and hope you tell the people you care about to visit them, too. Sharing is caring and you wouldn’t want your friends walking around with you without their “fab on”, now would you?  They literally have everything but U in CLTCH.  Fix that.

(photography by Ellen Gurley)

1512-A Central Ave.
Charlotte, NC 28204

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