L.A. Berlyn

Written by Ellen Gurley

L.A. Berlyn
Dead On Makeup
Model: Oro Monroe

L.A. Berlyn L.A. Berlyn L.A. Berlyn

L.A. Berlyn (it’s pronounced El-lay) is a body painter with an impressive portfolio of work. He is usually behind-the-scenes with models and photographers and is also available for live painting performances (hint hint: local party promoters).  He doesn‘t just do cosplay and costuming, he also does corporate events, logo marketing, maternity painting and themed parties.

L.A. is also a master face painter, known for his professionalism and for the amazing transformations he masterminds. He is available for individuals or company branding events and each client is hand-painted with body makeup that is water-based (meaning: not bad for your skin) or you could opt for the alcohol based paint which makes it 100% waterproof.

The application of body art is a creative and time-consuming process. Please take this into consideration when scheduling, and be sure to book at least three weeks in advance as Halloween is his busiest season.  Call him and book today.  You know you want to win the costume contest this year. Trick or treat!

Words & photos: Ellen Gurley



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