Ass Clown Brewery

Written by Ellen Gurley

Ass Clown Brewery
Words by: Ellen Gurley  | Photos by: Brian “BT” Twitty

Ass Clown

There are breweries popping up all over the Charlotte area and while I say “bring it on”, I also see that some of the older ones are falling into the background while every media outlet in town puts the spotlight on the newcomer.  Ass Clown Brewery is one of those breweries that may have escaped your memory, but not without an effort to remain so, on their part.  How could one forget a name like Ass Clown, you ask?  While a lot of folks are reluctant to fix their mouths to say their name, other breweries have tap presence in local restaurants and bottle shops.  No one wants an Ass Clown tap because they don’t want to offend any of their paying patrons.  So while you may have tasted some Ass Clown beer at a regional beer festival or two, they don’t stay in the back of your mind like other beers who are pimping themselves out all over the place.

How does this anonymity affect owner Matt Glidden?  Simply put; it doesn’t.  Glidden never began brewing to gain any type of recognition.  He started out of love.  Does he want you to like his beer?  Of course.  Is he going to go out of his way to ensure this?  No.  And to further this situation, the city of Cornelius made him put his brewery way back in the cut of a business park.  He cannot put his business name on the storefront, just the logo.  The state gave him flack with a batch of bottles he produced.  He just can’t catch a break… and he doesn’t seem to mind.

His taproom is ALWAYS full and with eighteen years of brewing under his belt (and having been open to the public for four), I see no end in sight.  “Our flavors are always out of the ordinary” is an understatement coming from a guy who doesn’t know when to stop with the ingredients (sometimes selling a Chocolate Orange Sea Salt Stout), and halt, I hope he doesn’t.  Though I bust his chops for naming his brand Ass Clown, I find myself driving up the highway to see what’s he’s got on tap and I find that it’s always full of love.  See for yourself.

“Tap some Ass Clown”
10620 Bailey Rd, Cornelius, 28031

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